Healthcare Solution for Reorganized Pharmacy System.

From: Techforce Infotech ;Pvt Ltd
Published: Thu Nov 02 2017

Client Vertical:

The client is Fortune 500 Company that helps pharmacies, hospitals, and ambulatory care sites improve focus on patient care while reducing costs, improving efficiency, and increasing profitability. The client is a leading provider of unit dose radiopharmaceuticals in the U.S. and has a national network of more than 100 nuclear pharmacies that prepare and deliver more than 12 million unit dose radiopharmaceuticals annually.

Previous Technique:
The prior prescription fulfillment system at client place relied on decentralized IT systems and manual processes, which limited the company’ s ability to accommodate last-minute changes or track deliveries. The things were not properly organized. Sometimes the patient with a complaint that the prescription had been changed or that a manual error had caused the wrong dosage.
The major issue was there was no software or process to measure drugs and medicines usage, so many radiopharmaceuticals raises the voice of shortage of certain things.
There was decentralized billing, invoicing and accounting systems made it difficult to monitor and control revenue and vendor payments. Its end-of-month inventory and cost accounting processes also proved to be complex and costly.

Reorganization requires:
For getting out of previous technique and issues client is just required to install the Safe Dose measures, barcode scanners, label printers, touch screen monitors and tablet computers.
About the Project:
• Centrally online process for entering details.
• Provides a separate and easy system for entering the details of sales, Delivery, and Material Management.
• There is proper inventory record system. The supply chain will be created.
• The system will measure the usage of drugs and medicines in given specific time. With this, the radiopharmaceuticals can get the idea to refill the drugs and medicines in proper time.
• Proper track of records at different radiopharmaceuticals, so now the details of order, inventory and finance at various radiopharmaceuticals will be complete and latest.
• Safe Dose measures help in preventing the applying improper dose to the patient.
• Barcode scanners help in entering input data with accuracy to ensure patient safety.
• Labels with and without barcodes are created at various stages throughout the dose helps in creation process to accurately trace each dosage.
• Tablets are used to track product delivery and to record proof of delivery.
• Allows to integrate with the applications and customers can place the order and receive the invoice for radiopharmaceuticals prescriptions using company website.
• Allows offline management when the system has gone down.

Technical Details:
• JSF 2.0
• JBoss Application server 7
• Oracle11g
• JDK 1.7
• Toad
• Eclipse 3.0

Business Benefits:
• Now there are no more incorrect orders, waste prescriptions. As all thing will be well-taken care of the systems.
• Increase in the operational efficiency eliminates the need for prior-day setup work, simplify the production cycle. All this add to more revenue.
• As there is a proper record of the drugs and medicines usage, so the client will know about the limit of production and there can be more efforts place on producing the more demanded things and less production of un-needed things. All this will help in bringing down the cost of production and increasing the sales, which affect the more revenue.
• Reduced time through centralized customer billing, using centralized vendor invoices with three-way match (purchase order, goods receipt, vendor invoice)
• No more cost required in calculating end-of-month inventory and accounting processes.

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