Harman Corporation Attends SPI Conference

From: Harman Corp
Published: Fri Aug 29 2008

In continuing support of and active participant in the U.S. Plastics Industry, Ted Fisher, General Manager of Harman Corporation, attended the annual conference of the Vinyl Products Division (VPD) of The Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) held July 13-15 in Las Vegas, NV. Fisher, the newly elected vice-chairman of the VPD executive committee, and his colleagues are actively expanding the VPD’s membership and support role of plastics manufacturers.

The annual SPI-VPD conference attendees are industry leaders in processing raw materials and other regulatory affairs. In addition to providing an opportunity to network with decision makers from all facets of the industry, presentations cover the latest regulatory and technical developments. According to Fischer, ?"active membership in SPI provides Harman Corporation the most current information available, and the opportunity to help shape our industry’s future.”

One of the goals of the SPI is to accurately inform the public about the safety and health aspects of plastics industry products. The SPI helps correct common misconceptions about plastics found in common household items by engaging the media and public policy decision makers. SPI President Bill Carteux briefed VPD conference attendees regarding the latest SPI activities with the U.S. Congress.

?"Insights gained at the 2008 VPD conference are invaluable for Harman Corporation and its industry peers. What we learn through active participation helps us keep our company and customers on the leading edge of industry developments,” concluded Fisher.

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Headquartered in Rochester, Michigan, Harman Corporation has been a manufacturer and global supplier of dip molded flexible vinyl products for nearly 50 years. Starting with the pioneering formulations and process equipment developed by our founder Jack Harman in the late 1950’s and early 60’s, Harman Corporation has been manufacturing in Rochester, MI since 1963. The company’s product line includes plastic caps, grips and plugs; high temperature paint masks, custom dip molding and injection molding. A broad range of companies throughout the world finds value in Harman Corporation’s experience, outstanding customer service and extensive capabilities.

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