Fastlite Presents New Laser Systems at Photonics West Expo in January (Y121)

From: FTPO Chicago
Published: Mon Dec 08 2008

Fastlite manufactures state of the art femtosecond lasers pulse shaping and measurement systems operating at UV, visible and near IR wavelengths. The company will show its new laser systems at Photonics West 2009 in San Jose, Calif., from Jan. 27 to 29, on the French Pavilion at booth 6239.

All systems are based on Fastlite's "Dazzler," a widely used inline acousto-optic programmable dispersive filter known for its extreme compactness and pulse shaping accuracy. Dazzlers are commonly used in CPA, OPA and NOPA amplified systems, with shaping capabilities ranging from a few fs to ~10 ps. Dazzlers are also used in high repetition rate oscillators with pulse duration greater than ~50 fs (at 800 nm).

Fastlite's new products are the "DazScope" and the "Phazzler" systems. The DazScope is an 800-nm pulse optimization system used in CPA lasers to automatically minimize and stabilize the amplified pulse duration.

The Phazzler is Fastlite's full-pulse measurement system, implementing autocorrelation, FROG, XFROG, and single-shot SPIDER measurements, all in a common inline set up. With the Phazzler, one can switch between a FROG and a SPIDER measurement in a few seconds by clicking a button. Phazzlers are available in UV, visible and near IR wavelengths.

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