Launches Reseller Program with Sportsgate Ltd

Published: Mon Mar 19 2007 (PLUS: BABO), the internet telephony service provider, and Sportsgate Ltd., an IT services development company specialising in providing Governing Bodies of Sport and their membership with bespoke IT solutions, announced today a value-added reseller (VAR) agreement under which Sportsgate will offer Babble’s VoIP services and products to the sports club membership community.

Sportsgate started building its sports network in 1994, formalising its present operation in 2002, and currently has relationships with the RFU, British Gymnastics Association, UK Sport, Amateur Rowing Association, Irish FA, CCPR, Specialist Sport Colleges and other sports and sport organisations.

Allan Howes, CEO of, said:

“The program is part of Babble’s strategy to leverage off the distribution channels of third party organisations through a combination of white-labelled and Babble branded services. We view this as an important way to drive profitable revenue growth and market share for our business. We are likewise delighted to be supporting the sports sector through the collaborative agreement we have with Sportsgate.”

With a potential reach into a multi-million membership, Sportsgate will be able to offer their own brand of free and low cost international online call tariffs, softphone, BabbleStick, WiFi/GSM phone and services, based on the Babble technology. Sportsgate, by working with Governing Bodies, will provide clubs and membership an added value service to reduce costs, generate sustainable revenue, and increase their product marketing capabilities.

Bill Colley, Chairman and CEO of Sportsgate Ltd added:

“Sportsgate is focused on working with Governing Bodies of Sport and assisting them make better use of information technology so that they can provide clubs with better services. Likewise, through technology we are able to help these Bodies develop and protect the sport's Intellectual Property so that its true value can be re-invested back into the sport. Against this backdrop, we view VoIP as an important development in the communications arena interacting with our provision of sport IPTV channels in partnership with Narrowstep, and our e-learning systems for sport and schools. We are delighted to have signed this VAR agreement with an innovative and emerging player in the sector.”

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