Avitech Launches New MKC Series at ISE 2009

From: Delamere Pennine Associates
Published: Thu Dec 18 2008

Avitech International Corporation, an industry leader in multi-image display processors announced today that they will be introducing their brand new MKC Series at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2009 at stand number 11 L 43.

Integrated Systems Europe is the No.1 event for the Professional AV and Electronics Systems industry and you can register for your free ticket using Avitech’s online registration page.

NEW MKC with KVM Switching and Multiviewer Control Functionality:

The MKC Series combines the control of Avitech’s award winning multi-image display processors with KVM functionality. Users in almost any professional computer application now have the ability to simultaneously visually monitor multiple computer displays on a single large display and control one of the computers. The size and position of each “virtual” computer display on the large display can be freely adjusted by the user.

When you take control of a specific PC using the mouse and keyboard, the PC’s associated layout is automatically recalled on the large display. This convenient method to access each PC has been made possible due to the superior DVI/VGA processing quality of Avitech Multiviewer processors that allow the down-scaling of an original computer monitor output without noticeable picture degradation.

The MKC Series is a hybrid and modular solution, combining the existing Avitech VCC-8000 Series technology with the new MKC KVM functionality. A minimum system consists of one MKC unit and one VCC-8004v module allowing the monitoring and the control of up to four computers from a single keypad, mouse and display. If additional computers need to be accessed, then simply cascade several MKC and VCC modules. An asymmetrical configuration with multiple computers “virtual” displays that are distributed over two or more large displays with a single keyboard & mouse control can also be implemented.

This solution allows a single operator to control multiple PC’s, which is ideal for applications where space is a concern. Efficiency and productivity increase due to ease of use and faster response times. The new MKC Series eliminates the inconvenience and wasted effort involved in constantly having to move from one PC to the other. It is the most ergonomic way to control four computers from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

As with all Avitech’s Multiviewers, the integrated on-screen display offers a user-friendly and intuitive way of configuring your display, recalling presets, and computer switching.

Availability and Pricing:
The New MKC Series will be available at the end of February, 2009. Contact your Avitech representative for pricing information.

Existing Products on Display:
In addition to the European launch of the MKC Series, Avitech will have their full product line on display including;
• VCC-8000 Series - Computer & Video Signal Multi-Image Display
• Rainier HD / SD Series ??" Compact multi-image display for integration and special applications
• Avitech TACP ??" Touch-screen Avitech Control Panel

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