iTHC brings an automated solution to organizational benchmarking needs. The tool offers higher quality, shorter timelines, and reduced costs for benchmarking needs.

[USPRwire, Fri Oct 26 2007] iTHC, LLC Announces the Next Evolution of its Online Automated IT Benchmark Solution

infoTech Health Check (iTHC) continues to move benchmarking into the future with its groundbreaking analysis engine and service. By taking advantage of robust, online technologies, iTHC has brought an industry-first benchmarking solution to the market that IT organizations of all sizes and types will benefit from using. iTHC has broken the traditional, manually intensive, cost prohibitive shackles that have kept many CIOs from gaining the necessary information to make informed technology and business decisions.

iTHC has succeeded in doing to IT benchmarking what ATMs did to the banking industry. It has taken benchmarking to the next evolution step by creating the equivalent of the ATM for benchmarking with their Web-based Automated Analysis Solution. Partners and clients can now acquire and perform benchmarks 24x7 from anywhere they have access to the Internet and can get high quality results within minutes of completing their data entry.

As iTHC moves into its 3rd year of operation, it continues to add new partnerships with organizations looking for innovative benchmarking solutions at a fraction of the traditional cost, allowing their partners to better compete in a price conscious market. iTHC continues to create strong alliances and partnerships with organizations looking to perform concise, accurate, unbiased benchmarks for their clients. Having numerous partnerships with industry leaders in technology, sourcing, and consulting, iTHC is quickly becoming the tool of choice for IT analysis and benchmarking needs.

The founders, all IT Benchmarking and consulting professionals, envisioned a benchmarking solution that resolved most of the problems with the current industry offerings. Key industry values addressed by the iTHC design team:

* Time. The iTHC solution takes only minutes to provide a detailed report, after data collection, instead of weeks or months found with traditional benchmarking providers.

* Service Scalability. Through automation the solution can scale to any size benchmark requirements. Without having to add a mass of consultants, or collecting data for only a few locations and extrapolating results, iTHC can easily and quickly provide results for any size project with any number of embedded benchmarks.

* Consistency. Give the same data to 10 different analysts and you’re likely to get 10 different reports, conclusions and formats. Through the iTHC solution the client can be assured every benchmark will receive the same methodology, analysis process and results format. Also, the results are truly based upon the data without any analyst interpretation or client influence.

* Cost. Current traditional benchmark pricing is driving away clients and preventing others from considering this valuable service. The iTHC solution provides unsurpassed quality of analysis, greater statistical and comparative content at a fraction of traditional benchmark pricing. Greater content at a lower cost equals superior value to the client.

About iTHC
InfoTech Health Check is an innovative developer of information technology tools and services delivered over the Web. The company’s founders focus on service improvement through process streamlining and leveraging automation wherever possible. iTHC is currently planning the next generation of online automated analysis solutions for the IT industry and is headquartered in Lynchburg Virginia with offices in St. Louis and New England.

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