AnaSpec Introduces New HiLyte Fluor™ 405 Fluorescent Probe

From: AnaSpec Inc.
Published: Wed Sep 30 2009

AnaSpec has introduced the newest member of the HiLyte FluorTM family - HiLyte Fluor™ 405 (Ex/Em=404/428 nm), a bright blue fluorescent probe.
HiLyte FluorTM dyes are a series of superior fluorescent labeling dyes that span the full visible spectrum. They are optimized for maximum brightness when conjugated with macromolecules.

Available in a variety of reactive forms, such as amine-reactive, thiol-reactive and amine-containing derivatives, HiLyte FluorTM 405 allows for easy conjugation to biopolymers. HiLyte Fluor™ 405 has spectral characteristics similar to those of Alexa Fluor™ 405 (Invitrogen) and DyLight Fluor™ 405 (Pierce) dyes with excitation and emission wavelength at 404/428 nm in PBS buffer (pH 7.4) (see spectra below). Conjugates of HiLyte Fluor™ 405 are well excited by the 407 nm spectral line of the Krypton laser and the 408 nm line of the violet laser diode.

HiLyte Fluor™ 405 conjugates, whether conjugated to primary tag, secondary antibodies or streptavidin, are prepared in an optimized fluorophore/protein labeling ratio to ensure high fluorescent signal and uncompromised biological function. Fluorescence signal can be observed at Ex/Em = 404/428 nm.

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AnaSpec is a leading provider of integrated proteomics solutions to the world’s largest biotech, pharmaceutical, and academic research institutions. With a vision for innovation through synergy, AnaSpec focuses on three core technologies: peptides, detection reagents, and antibodies.

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