Communications Innovator gives users power and choice in subscribing to Voice Message Distribution System

[USPRwire, Tue Nov 03 2009] Las Vegas, NV, October 26, 2009 -- Nevada-based AllCom announced today that it is rolling out its new "Genie Opt-In Center", which will allow its customers to offer extra control of their voice messaging - both what they send and what they RECEIVE.

"One of the most powerful features of our Genie platform is the Phonebooks, which lets our customer send recorded messages to many people at once," explained AllCom Vice President Randall Skala. "But in today's busy world, the last thing anyone wants to do is send messages to people who don't want them. That's why we've introduced the Genie Opt-IN center."

The new Opt-In Center feature is automatically included in the Genie services of all new and existing customers. The system allows someone who WANTS to receive messages from a particular person, business, organization or group to call in to that subscriber's "Genie number" and add themselves to the desired distribution.

"We've included special features that help make sure no one can sign up someone else for an Opt-In list, by requiring that the subscriber’s call must come from the same number that is being opted-in," Skala continued. "That way our Genie customer and THEIR interested subscriber both know that the messages and announcements they receive are something they really did ask to receive."

"This service will be a powerful tool for businesses, groups and individuals who want to send messages in their own voice,' Skala explained. "Bloggers and commentators, Social Networks, Civic Clubs, Church and Religious organizations, businesses and more can benefit from the personal touch of the human voice - not to mention making themselves available to everyone - even those who haven't gotten on the 'texting' bandwagon."

Interested members of the Media can test drive the new Opt-In Center for themselves, by calling the AllCom Media Relations line at (877) 327-3400, and pressing 5 to subscribe their own phone number to AllCom's "Media Notifications" Opt-In service.

About AllCom:
AllCom, a Nevada corporation incorporated in 1997, set out to design and fully develop a proprietary mix of hardware and software that integrates three powerful technologies into one seamless service: Telecommunications, the world’s most universal and interactive communication medium; Electronic Banking, the key to electronic commerce; and the Internet, the world’s most powerful information medium.

AllCom developed the Universal Office, our proprietary soft switch, which integrates those three key elements on a single platform, running over GenieNet, a global private voice-over-IP network. Genie™ is the personality of the Universal Office on the phone and online.

From New York City to Seattle, from Miami to San Diego, from Houston to Minneapolis, from Boston to Salt Lake City, AllCom provides Local Service in over five thousand cities and communities, in forty countries on five continents. Approximately 85% of the people in the United States can reach Genie – and YOU - with a local call.

AllCom’s unique International Public Access Network enables you and your friends, family members and business associates, to reach your CellPlusPlus Universal Telephone Number FREE OF CHARGE, as a local call, from over 5,000 cities and communities in North America, and forty countries on five continents around the world.

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