Alexandria Chiropractor Adds Bio-technology to Improve Alternative Healthcare Services

From: Zyto Corp.
Published: Sat Sep 22 2007

Sara DiCesare has added ZYTO bio-technology to the healthcare services offered to clients at The Chiropractic Associates, a chiropractic and wellness clinic.

The Chiropractic Associates is located at 517 Wythe Street in Alexandria. DiCesare provides healthcare and nutrition health assessments using the latest ZYTO technology, which enables her to get patients on the road to better health faster and often for lower cost.

ZYTO Corp. is a bio-technology company specializing in bio-information and bio-communication. Using principles of biology, quantum physics, and the science of information the technology can facilitate meaningful communication between computers and living things.

“We are excited about the addition of ZYTO technology to the services we offer,” said DiCesare. “Using the ZYTO technology we are now able to perform a health scan of the body and obtain the information we need so we can make the best recommendation to improve health. It is quick, easy to administer, and very effective.”

By combining quantum physics, biology, and information theory ZYTO technology provides an interface between living things and computers allowing them to talk to each other, according to company founder and C.E.O. Dr. Vaughn R. Cook, OMD.

“Using the ZYTO technology helps us to make a more accurate recommendation to our patients. This enables us to help them improve their health quickly, and do it in a way that keeps healthcare costs down,” said DiCesare.

The process is simple to administer with just one brief office visit. Patients simply place their hand on a sensor that is connected to a computer. In just a few minutes the results can be seen on a computer screen, and an assessment can be made, according to DiCesare.

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