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Published: Wed Nov 02 2016

Selenium is an open source venture which permits the designer and analyzers to build up the useful tests that drives the program. It additionally records work processes and helps the designers in averting future relapse of code.
Selenium can deal with any program which bolsters JavaScript as it has been assembled utilizing JavaScript.
What is Automation Testing?
Contributing colossal measure of time and cash on vast testing groups to ensure the application functions according to the necessity is currently unrealistic. Be that as it may, the engineers need to guarantee their code acts as it is relied upon to work. To do as such, the engineers are at present utilizing a large number of testing structures that doesn't request a lot of their time. Selenium is a standout amongst the most well known robotization testing systems that are as of now being used all around the world.
What is Selenium IDE?

Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a Firefox add-on that aides in utilizing the first Selenium Core without duplicating Selenium Core onto the server.
Selenium IDE was produced utilizing JavaScript. This empowers it to cooperate with DOM (Document Object Model) by utilizing the local JavaScript calls.
Selenium IDE permits the engineers and analyzers to record the activities they execute as they take after the work process that should be tried.
Selenium WebDriver
There are sure confinements of Selenium 1 because of which WebDriver came into utilization. Here are a portion of the reasons why analyzers and designers are utilizing WebDrivers.
• Better control is accomplished on the program and program particular executions can be actualized.
• The designer can hold fast to the item arranged programming basics and appreciate better programming background.
What is Web Driver?
Web Driver is only a web mechanization system which will permit you to execute the tests against any program (not simply Firefox).
Web Driver gives the analyzer and engineer a chance to utilize any programming dialect to make the test scripts which is impractical by utilizing Selenium IDE.
The Programming Languages that are bolstered by WebDriver are
• Java

• .Net
• Ruby
• Python
• Perl
Distinction between Selenium 1 and Selenium 2
Give us a chance to take a gander at the elements of Selenium 1 and Selenium 2 independently that obviously empowers you to have out the effect.
Selenium 1
• It underpins just genuine programs. It doesn't bolster HTML Unit. It needs graphical desktop environment.
• It takes after the methodology that depends on JavaScript.
• In Selenium 1, you require an intermediary application to control the program while performing unit tests.
• It is restricted by the JavaScript security model of the program.
• It makes utilization of complex API.
• It has API strategies for particular HTML components.
Selenium 2
• Selenium 2 was made from the WebDriver Project and Selenium 1.
• The Web Driver controls the program specifically. There is no need of utilizing Selenium RC, which implies you don't require an intermediary application to control the program.
• Selenium Grid and Selenium RC of Selenium 1 have been converged into the Selenium Server.
• Selenium 2 bolsters a wide range of programs, including versatile programs of Android and iPhone like prior said.
Why would it be advisable for you to learn Selenium over other testing devices?
The acknowledgment of Selenium has soar in the flow years and the web has seen start of a considerable amount of Selenium Training Video Tutorials and Selenium WebDriver web instructional classes. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are asking why you ought to go to Selenium Training over different testingcourses, here are a portion of the reasons in charge of its unwavering quality.
Selenium is an open source testing device
Selenium has the upside of being open source. The clients can share, develop and alter code that is accessible. This spares a considerable measure of time and exertion of the software engineers which straightforwardly enhance their profitability.
Stage Portability
The developers can compose code without worrying about the stage on which the code needs to run. The Selenium mechanization testing gives the software engineer the opportunity to compose code on any stage as it can keep running on various stages and in addition programs.
Remote Control
Selenium has the unique component of remote control which lets the analyzers to make and test the foundation that is spread crosswise over different areas effectively.
The greater part of the product software engineers incline toward keeping the testing inside the project. By making utilization of Selenium, every one of the tests can be regrouped and refactored according to the prerequisites. This dodges duplication of code and permits the developer to roll out brisk improvements to the code. Test can be effectively overseen utilizing Selenium.
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