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From: Acclaim Legal Services, Inc.
Published: Fri Feb 10 2006

Many court reporting firm owners and managers want to make sure they have the best court reporters and staff for their deposition and litigation services. To do this you need to make sure you are on top of every aspect of your deposition schedule, attorney billing, transcript production, and court reporter payroll. This is not an easy task for even the largest firms. Alexander Gallo & Associates is a shining example of a firm that knows how to do it all exceptionally well. Their firm information can be seen here:

Alex Gallo is well known in the court reporting industry as an innovator and astute business professional. Being a court reporter and business person Alex is able to run a firm on the edge of perfection. Internally the staff are focused on their key areas and all departments work smoothly together. For office management software they employ Acclaim Solaria to schedule depositions, confirm with attorneys and reporters via email or fax, track outstanding worksheets, produce the transcripts, bill the attorneys, and do court reporter and affiliate payroll for hundreds of depositions a month. All jobs are pushed to their web transcript repository for court reporters and attorneys to review their deposition schedules, attached witness transcripts, exhibits, or video files, or create new deposition requests. This allows the office to function smoothly 24 x 7 without a lot of administration.

Acclaim Legal Services, Inc. is a court reporting firm and litigation support technology company based in Fort Collins Colorado. Acclaim offers products for reporting firm deposition calendar, attorney billing, court reporter payroll, job transcript and status tracking, and office management. This tool, Solaria, has been chosen by many firms upgrading from stenaccount, courtpages, reporterbase (rb6 and rb7), wisetrack, acculaw, and analyzer. Acclaim DepoManage is the web-based transcript repository clients are now using to extend their office securely for their reporters and attorneys. Solaria will send deposition schedule, attorney and witness / case information, and deposition transcript and exhibit files DepoManage. The clients can log in to the site and see their jobs, their deposition files (transcript, eTranscript, realtime files, exhibits, and medical records documents), and to request, reschedule, or cancel existing depositions. Court reporters can review their schedules, download the deposition notices or spelling sheets, and submit worksheets (a.k.a. dopesheet, dogsheet, or turnin form) and transcript files.

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