Published: Tue Apr 03 2007

A new chip that provides unrivalled rendering performance is being launched by ARTVPS, developers of the world’s only processor that accelerates ray tracing.

The new AR500 processor has been re-engineered to run at almost twice the speed of its predecessor, correctly modeling every detail of surface shading or shadow and refracted or reflected rays of light to produce truly photorealistic, final images.

AR500 provides the power to RayBox - the new successor to ARTVPS’ market leading RenderDrive network renderer and PURE PCi-X card.

A desk-side system with 14 AR500 dual-core processors, RayBox takes advantage of leading-edge, high performance PCI express technology using a high-speed serial link to connect to any PC or Mac. The RayBox is designed to be more flexible, scalable and faster than ever before, making it an integral part of any 3D production pipeline.

Industry expert, Jon Peddie, commented: “ARTVPS is a pioneer of dedicated ray tracing hardware technology and its next generation processor, the AR500, has taken rendering to the next level. Offloading rendering to a dedicated processor rather than a graphics card means you can render more data, faster, and with great results.”

Brian Tyler, CEO at ARTVPS said: “We believe PCI Express will replace PCI and PCI-X bus technology. This, combined with our faster processor means ARTVPS is again at the forefront of high performance rendering technology. Alongside RenderServer - our dedicated mental ray renderer - we aim to offer easy-to-use hardware at an accessible price point for individual users, as well as big studios.”

RayBox is compatible with ARTVPS’ RenderPipe software renderer and integrates seamlessly with Autodesk’s 3dsmax and Maya. Incorporating unique shader technology and custom hardware, RayBox enables users to truly bring 3D images to life.

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ARTVPS: Notes to newsdesk
ARTVPS leads the way in the development of photorealistic rendering solutions that generate truly realistic images. Specialising in the development of 3D rendering technology, the company developed the first and only processor designed exclusively to accelerate ray tracing of 3D data. By providing customers with the highest image quality and the fastest rendering speeds available, ARTVPS offers businesses real competitive advantage. As such it is already the first choice for visualising 3D data in the automotive, architecture, product design and entertainment industries. The significant cost benefits and time savings are now also being realised by thought leaders in photography and post production where ARTVPS is revolutionising practices in marketing imagery.

Clients include: BSA Design, Chapman Taylor Architects, Paul Steelman Design, Skidmore Owings Merrill (SOM), Taylor Woodrow, and Virtual Artworks for architectural visualization; The 3DO Company, Codemasters, and IBM Interactive for interactive entertainment; Aardman Animation, Naxos Images, and Movida Production for film, video and broadcast production; Bombardier Aerospace, Burrows, Getty Images, Plysu/Nampak, Procter & Gamble, and Theseus Projects for design visualisation.
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