Golf Improvement: New Golf Website Launch Offers Golf Improvement Tool For Players Of All Abilities

Published: Fri Feb 12 2010

PGA Tour professionals, the best golfers in the world, know their games inside and out and now golfers of all abilities can gain greater insight into their own games with the Round Tracker Pro Performance-Profile Golf Journal.

CINRUM Publishing Group, LLC, publisher of the Round Tracker Pro Golf Journal, announced today the launch of its new website,, and the introduction of the ten-round, golf journal designed to improve the games of golfers of all handicaps and skill levels.

Murray Nicholson, CINRUM Publishing Group’s president, and founder, and an avid, life-long golfer, is the author and creator, of the pocket-size, 138 page golf journal that provides players with an accurate, detailed account of each round’s performance results utilizing some of the same criteria that PGA Tour professionals use to track and evaluate their games.

“PGA Tour professionals know exactly how far they hit each club, their statistical averages for driving distance and accuracy, greens hit in regulation, sand-save percentages, up and down scoring opportunities, and conversions, and the total number of putts made each round.’’ said Nicholson. “They use this information to assess their performance in each respective scoring category so that they can better understand their game’s strengths and weaknesses and know what areas of their games to practice in order to improve.” he added.

“Amateur golfers of all abilities can improve their games as well by capturing and evaluating the same information used by PGA Tour professionals.” continued Nicholson.

“Round performance data and personal game statistics are just as important in amateur golf as they are in professional golf, perhaps more so. This information helps amateur players to better understand the true nature of their handicaps as it relates to their scoring ability on the golf course and provides them with objective data that can be used to establish future goals for improvement. Serious golfers seek meaningful information that can help them improve and our goal is to provide them with the necessary tools to obtain their objectives,” said Nicholson.

“We look forward to growing our company and providing golf consumers with quality golf products that will help them to achieve their personal best on the golf course and ultimately enjoy the game at a higher level.” Nicholson added.

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