Baseball And Fastpitch Sporting Goods Store Website Launched By Ralph Dipiero

From: RDP Solutions, LLC. and MVP Generation
Published: Sat Oct 19 2019

Business development and sales consultant, Ralph Dipiero announces the launch of MVP Generation™, a baseball & fastpitch softball skills training and sporting goods products shop.

The site offers the convenience and savings of shopping online combined with expert coach consultants providing personalized selection of the right and fastpitch equipment.

The company serves men, women, boys and girls youth sports, little league, travel baseball, junior high, high school, college, corporate league, recreation league, coed recreation league and senior league players. As part of The MVP Generation™ Team visitors also enjoy access to special drills, training techniques, confidence building mind programming and elite coaching.

MVP Generation™ is on a Mission To Generate A New Generation Of MVPs.

The (see baseball and fastpitch softball sporting goods products shop website offers a wide variety of sporting goods products for baseball and fastpitch players. Products available include:

* Baseball and Fastpitch Gloves
* Baseball and Fastpitch Bats
* Baseball and Fastpitch Pants
* Baseball and Fastpitch Batting Gloves
* Baseball and Fastpitch Catchers Protective Gear
* Baseball and Fastpitch Wrist and Elbow Guards
* Baseball and Fastpitch Shoes

Seeing a large, unfulfilled need in the baseball and fastpitch softball community, Ralph Dipiero set out to solve it. Mr. Dipiero stated,

“In my observations of the game, conversations with other parents and talks with my boy's coaches I have seen a real need for personal consultation on the best and right products for parents to buy their children.”

“There are many online sports equipment shops that offer cheap products but no service and plenty of brick-and-mortar sporting good stores around with sales people that have no knowledge about the products they are selling. I have found that none of these options deliver personalized consulting that customizes the process of selecting the right gear adults and their children. The coaches, players, consultants and the mom's and dad's I have spoken with desire more then the equipment selection knowledge that even a good sports store sales clerk can provide.”

With this purpose in mind Mr. Dipiero set out to combine the convenience and savings that an online shop delivers with the equipment knowledge that actual players and coaches can deliver. In addition, he has added access to special drills, training techniques, confidence building mind programming and elite coaching.

About Ralph Dipiero

Since 2005 Ralph Dipiero has been the owner of RDP Solutions, LLC, a full service business development, sales and marketing consulting company. Through RDP Solutions, Mr. Dipiero helps businesses create growth and expansion by increasing sales.

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Ralph Dipiero has extensive direct sales experience. He has set up, structured, managed sales teams and helped expand profitability for numerous businesses. Based in Southern California, Mr. Dipiero has had extensive sales and business experience in the Phoenix. Arizona. He owns commercial business property in Phoenix.

Mr. Dipiero is an investor, sales and marketing consultant, store placement and direct sales representative for Cuipo Water, LLC.

Mr. Dipiero holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Communications from the College of Public Programs, Arizona State University.

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Company: RDP Solutions, LLC. and MVP Generation
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