Baltimore Orioles Shirsey Ranking at the End of the Season

Published: Wed Oct 10 2018

We love Baltimore Orioles regardless how badly they played this last season. Thankfully that dull season is over but MLB Postseason is still roaring in action. As the Baseball is lively as ever how can we forget our favorite orioles in midst of all of this.

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Not that I am saying that weíll go overboard with wearing their jerseys everywhere we are going. But we are going to buy and wear them whenever we can notwithstanding how disappointing they have been this last season.

Since theyíve been bad, as their fans we have a duty to look forward to a bigger brighter day for the franchise. We are extremely eager to see what changes would this season brought about team and its 40 member set of the roster.

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Considering some facts from the recent team performances here are some bits of prediction for the 2019 season. Ranking the player by their shirts is a way and we are going at it like following.

We are ranking top 10 Orioles jerseys from least to best:

No 10:
Mark Trumbo ??" he was playing very good at the start then started being average and then got hurt but we certainly canít hold this against him and besides he is definitely better at DH than someone we know namely Davis.

No 9:
Jimmy Yacabonis ??" He was presumably effective this last year and we are just hoping that he keeps doing what he is doing for good.

No 8:
Dylan Bundy ??" 7 years and we canít let go of the excitement. Hang in there buddy and we look forward to your performance next season.

No 7:
Breyvic Valera ??" he is one of the late bloomers I initially was not going to pick him for the list but he did lead the major quite phenomenally even beating the legendary Willians Astudillo.

No 6:
Cedric Mullins ??" Iíve given a lot of thoughts on picking him for the list. To be honest he was impressive after the call-up but nearing the end of the season his performance slacked off a tad.

No 5:
Alex Cobb ??" In my opinion, he is the best pitcher Orioles own right now. He turned the tables during the second half of the season.

No 4:
D.J. Stewart ??" He was ranked 56 in KATOHís 2018 top-100 prospect list and I have a feeling he will earn that rank again next year.

No 3:
Trey Mancini ??" I believe he ought to be the first baseman for the Orioles. So far he has hit 24 homers even at batting average dropping a little he has done great.

No 2:
Jonathan Villar ??" After Manny Machado leaving the team Jonathan Villar holds the most excited player position in Orioles. He is not extraordinary but still plays aggressive enough to be liked by the Orioles fans.

No 1:
Adam Jones ??" Even though he is not on the roster who else can be the No.1 prospect other than him. Am I right? Jones has had a wonderful impact on the franchise and I am hoping to God that he returns for 2019.

There is no doubt that he is one of the best baseball players and if he returns he will be No 1 again in no time.

What do you think of the rankings I planned? Do you agree? Let me know through your comments who do you think is the best!

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