All You Need to Know About the First Ever WWE Crown Jewel Event in Saudi Arabia

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Published: Sat Oct 27 2018

Are you ready for another action-filled WWE Event? The WWE Crown Jewel will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on November 2nd. Though Jamal Khashoggiâ??s death has raised many questions in WWEâ??s direction the event was not postponed and is set to follow the schedule announced.

After the WWEâ??s 10-year-agreement with Saudi General Sports Authority, this is the second WWE Event that takes place in Saudi Arabia. The first event to venture those forbidden lands was the Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 in April.

WWE Crown Jewel features an eight-man World Cup tournament among some of the best WWE Wrestling stars. Wait for the new universal champion to be crowned on the show. In Addition to that, Shawn Michaels will be making his comeback to WWE after 8 long years teaming up with D-Generation X pal Triple H in a battle against The Undertaker & Kane.

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Here is a brief intro to the events happening during WWE Crown Jewel:

Triple H & Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker & Kane:

Super Show-Down in Australiaâ??s Triple H Win over Undertaker was a heavy contribution from Shawn Michaels. And after the atmosphere was not that good either. Though it seemed like the fight was over and the four of them were patching things from far the truth was way beyond comprehension. In a mere second, everything shifted from calm and cool to utter destruction. Of course, we are talking about the brother of destruction here they probably took the loss lightly. The match ended followed Tombstone Pile driving, choke slamming and anything that could bring the former DeGeneration X mates on the verge of death. After this incident in Australia, Michaels sudden return to the ring confirmed there was a tag team match in the near future.

Universal Championship?â?"?Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman:

As the four-time world champion, Roman Reigns announced he is suffering from leukemia and is no longer is able to sustain his Universal Champion Title it was decided that the original triple threat match will now be a one-on-one match among Lesnar and Strowman for the Universal Champion.

WWE Championship?â?"?AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan:

Styles has defended his title in a match against Samoa Joe in Super Show-Down and Bryan after defeating the Miz in the same event, has become the number one contender for the title. What left to see is if thereâ??ll be any interference or the match will proceed without anyone opposing it.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship?â?"?The Bar vs. New Day:

Due to the Big Showâ??s Interference during the tag team match in the SmackDown 1000 allowed Sheamus & Cesaro to snatch the title from the New Day. The next week the rematch was announced for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Title. The rematch is set to take place during this Crown Jewel Event.

WWE World Cup:

WWE has many wrestling superstars and among them, 8 men take the lead but this WWE Crown Jewel Series will bring this square to one. Yes, thatâ??s right these 8 men will have to show the world who is the number one.

There is nothing to be certain but the hopes are that this will be a bracket-style elimination tournament. The qualified wrestlers will fight in 1-on-1 matches and the last remaining will be the new WWE World Cup Champion.

Hereâ??s the list of the qualified stars:

John Cena
Kurt Angle
Jeff Hardy
Randy Orton
Seth Rollins
Dolph Ziggler
The Miz
Rey Mysterio

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A rematch of Cruiserweight Championship after Buddy Murphy intentionally dropped the title to Cedric Alexander is also predicted to take place during the event.
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