Skeptiko News: TheDailyGrail Founder, Greg Taylor, on the New Skeptics of the Paranormal

Popular Paranormal Blogger, Greg Taylor discusses re-educating skeptics, and reviewing evidence of controversial science like PSI, and NDE.

[USPRwire, Fri Apr 03 2009] Join Skeptiko host Alex Tsakiris when he interviews TheDailyGrail founder, Greg Taylor, for a discussion on balanced reporting on strange, anomalous stuff. During the 30-minute interview ( Taylor talks about his role as a counterweight to the skeptical voice that pervades most discussions of the paranormal:

"..... we just need to keep on plugging along and just keep educating the public. Keep following the data wherever it leads. Thatís the most important thing. Itís science Ė following the data wherever it leads. People can call you anti-science, or as Randi has called me, Ďa grubby,í but if you follow the data, then youíre doing science. We should not worry too much about what other people call us."

Taylor also discussed his article The Myth of the Million Dollar Challenge ( in this interview, where he broadens the discussion on existence of the paranormal and PSI abilities.

The complete transcript of the interview is available for immediate free download at: ( (, based in Australia, is one of the worlds leading paranormal websites. This exceptional, unconventional, and brilliantly eccentric blog covers atypical phenomenon, occult, and high strangeness in all essence of the word.

Alex Tsakiris is one of a group at OpenSourceScience ( interested in Taylorís view and approach to the controversial issue of the paranormal, afterlife, PSI, and other topics of human consciousness.

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