Expansion out of Germany provides new partnership opportunities and cross-market access to European and U.S. biotechnology and life science companies.

[USPRwire, Thu Mar 18 2010] Biotech Alliances, an international biotechnology alliances and partnering firm that specializes in facilitating successful strategic alliances to foster growth and advancement in the biotechnology industry, announced today it has relocated its corporate headquarters from Germany to the San Francisco Bay Area of California, USA. The move positions Biotech Alliances in the heart of the U.S. biotechnology development sector, where 40 percent of U.S. biotech companies do business, and gives the firm unprecedented on-the-ground access to the American market.

Dr. Franck Brinkhaus, CEO of Biotech Alliances, says the decision to move the firm’s headquarters to the San Francisco Bay Area was a strategic choice that creates new collaboration opportunities for both European and U.S. biotechnology firms. “This is the perfect location for Biotech Alliances to facilitate strategic alliances between European firms that want to commercialize in U.S. markets, as well as U.S. firms that are looking for European collaboration partners.

“We are like a bridge across continents for international biotechnology and life science companies,” says Brinkhaus. “Commercialization in the American market is of paramount importance to most biotech firms. With our market insights and California headquarters we provide international companies wide-spread access to the U.S. market, thereby creating key partnerships for our clients.”

Biotech Alliances accompanies its clients throughout the entire partnering process, helping to screen prospective partners, execute partnership agreements, and manage the ongoing relationship. In addition, Biotech Alliances provides the contacts, tools, resources and means necessary for building strong foundations that support successful partnerships, for the benefit of both parties.

Biotech Alliances facilitates global partnerships between life science companies to foster worldwide scientific advancement and marketplace success in the biotech field. Building strategic alliances is essential to biotech firms that want to maintain a competitive edge. The company’s global network provides firms access to the expertise, tools, contacts and means necessary to develop products collaboratively, decrease product development time and costs and accelerate corporate growth, by gaining entry into new markets and establish successful positions in various sectors. For additional information please visit: www.biotech-alliances.com.

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