Now Anyone can Sell Their Tampa House in Tampa Bay Market through 1-800-SELL-NOW.

Tampa, Florida area home sellers have a new number to call to sell their house NOW. 1-800-SELL-NOW.

[USPRwire, Thu Jan 15 2009] 1-800-SELL-NOW, which matches real estate professionals across the country to motivated home sellers, today announced that it has awarded the rights to 1-800-SELL-NOW to Josh Meller and Jay Mehta for Pinellas County, Florida.

“We're pleased to have Josh and Jay to join the 1-800-SELL-NOW program. The Tampa Market, and specifically Pinellas County, is one of the largest metropolitan markets in Florida. It is CRITICAL that we have the right partner in the Tampa Market to help the local home sellers. This Florida market is an important and strategic location for us. We know that Josh, Jay, and their team will be valuable assets to the Pinellas County home sellers,” said Kent Clothier, president and CEO of 1-800-SELL-NOW.

Home sellers in the Pinellas County area can be connected directly with their office by calling 1-800-SELL-NOW or visiting

1-800-SELL-NOW is currently seeking new license holders throughout the state of Florida – including Orlando, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and Fort Myers.

For more information, please visit or email

Pinellas County area home sellers that want to sell their real estate property can call 1-800-SELL-NOW or visit us online at to sell their house now.

1-800-SELL-NOW is a leading provider of high quality home seller leads to real estate professionals around the country. Using online and offline media placement and branding, 1-800-SELL-NOW connects sellers with local real estate professionals.

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