Heating oil marketing executive authors book and video on slashing heating oil prices.

From: Heating Oil Help
Published: Mon Oct 30 2006

Heating oil industry executive prepares for heating oil price spikes and unethical oil companies by authoring a complete resource of information that he used to cut his own heating oil bills in half.

"Home heating oil is ripe for con artists seeking to prey on consumer needs - so consumer caution is key," says Connecticut's Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

John Bogdanski introduces a workbook and video package that walks a homeowner through almost 100 steps to reduce their heating oil bills this winter while protecting themselves from unscrupulous oil heat companies.

Many of these tips have not been made available to the public before. All the tips have been documented and tested in order to save money for homeowners who heat with oil.

This special report also introduces new products that have been tested by Brook Haven Testing Institute to cut heating oil consumption, reduce wear on your heating system and ultimately save home owners money on their heating oil bills through out the year.

A complete directory of on line calculators is included for homeowners to evaluate their current heating situation and project how much savings each home owner would generate based on the suggestions made in the special report titled "Heating Oil Secrets And Tips. What big oil doesn't want you to know.

"There's so much information out there that it's tough for homeowners to know what's the most effective way to save money while protecting themselves from con artists and scammers," says John Bogdanski.

The special report and video, which some heating oil companies have banned because of the insider information it provides customers, is available only through the Internet at www.heatingoilhelp.com or by calling 800-734-0976

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