For Sale For Lease Announces A Greater Web Presence

With the world facing serious environmental hazards due to global warming, new efforts in the form of go green movement are being initiated. One such effort is the elimination of the use of paper that requires cutting of thousands of trees each year.

[USPRwire, Mon Aug 17 2009] The elimination of their monthly magazine has resulted in a win-win situation for the environment and clients. Now clients benefit from the national exposure and the environment benefits from the elimination of paper. Focusing more attention the website also means that commercial real estate can be presented as soon as it goes up for sale/lease - instead of monthly.

"Distributing a monthly magazine restricted our exposure to the GTA and represented a tremendous environmental cost. It was within our best interest to focus on our website." Russell Littler, CEO.

An estimated 107 trees will be spared monthly in For Sale For Lease's green movement. Environmentally-damaging chemicals used to create and print the publication will cease and carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere in the distribution of the magazine will also end.

For Sale For Lease publishes information about commercial real estate and businesses for sale throughout canada. The greater and more environmentally-friendly approach of a national online focus brings greater value to those looking to purchase a business, lease office space or purchase other forms of commercial real estate. For further information go green at


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