Buy an island for building private resorts and hotels for holiday says Fijipropertysales

The country is a host to private hotels and resorts where couples can enjoy holiday enjoying with loved ones.

[USPRwire, Tue Oct 11 2016] A real estate agency based in Port Harbor of Fiji states buy an island for building private resorts and hotels for holiday. Fiji has an archipelago of 333 islands which are mostly not suitable for habitation. Only 106 islands are favorable for habitation and some of them are out for sale for private builders. The country is a host to private hotels and resorts where couples can enjoy holiday enjoying with loved ones. There are several freehold islands that can be bought and developed into private holiday spot for tourists. As tourists flow from different regions of the world, it is an amazing business plan for investors. Additionally, islands are also suitable for building villas and resorts for enjoying the holiday and relocate to escape city blues. Hence, buying an island in Fiji island is an ideal option for foreigners looking for buy properties in South Pacific regions.

The real estate industry of Fiji has grown 100% over the years. The rate of properties has increased drastically but still less in comparison to other countries. Investors from different regions of the world are investing in this island nation now. Investment options are available in resorts, restaurants, lands, islands, and hotels in the country. Haven buyers can invest in the real estate properties but need to follow set rules and regulation of the country.

Fiji’s parliament has passed a new Land Sale Act for the real estate industry. Under this act, owning of property from cities in Fiji is prohibited for foreigners. The lands and properties are reserved for the local people. Freehold lands are available to buy and use in building a house to settle in Fiji permanently. But, only 9% of the total land area is under freehold category and available for buying.

“Beautiful islands are available for sale in Fiji. Develop islands into private hotels and tourist spots to be suitable for spending a holiday with loved ones. Adventure sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, river rafting, and kayaking are available for lovers. Make resorts and beachfront homes suitable for a romantic holiday for couples” says the director of Fijipropertysales. He said this while addressing a press conference on the launch of new properties in Port Harbor, yesterday.

Natadola Loka real estate is offering a chance to buy freehold lands to build beautiful beach-front homes with an oceanic view, access to resorts and golf courses. There are white sand beaches for relaxing during vacationing on the island. It is an important opportunity for hospitality companies to make the investment and get a higher return. The real estate is offering freehold lands at attractive prices in ideal locations.

Fiji is an island country situated in the Southern part of Pacific Ocean. It is a great place for people looking to spend life amidst natural sceneries peacefully. Welcoming locals and easy availability of organic vegetables are other reasons to live in this country. But, it is essential for buyers to hire authorized real estate agency to find properties at a fair price. Stringent rules and transparent policy in real estate transactions are curbing corruption in property deals”.

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