Affordable Housing is the focus NDP Urban Rehabber training and coaching programs. New membership initiative will provide proven strategies and specific tools to those committed to Entrepreneurial solutions to Community Development, Neighborhood Revitalization and Affordable Housing needs.

[USPRwire, Mon Jan 01 2007] Advocates of Affordable Housing, Neighborhood Revitalization, and Real Estate Rehab and Investment, have an important new ally and learning resource in the NDP Urban Rehabber Program. A nationwide membership program will be announced in January by Philip Elmes, founder of the Chicago based real estate education and coaching program.

For just over 7 years, the NDP Urban Rehabber Program™ has provided seminars, work shops and round tables built on a foundation of both Industry Standard and “street smart” real estate fundamentals. The new membership program will bring this important Wealth Building information to a wider audience.
“There’s nothing unique about doing rehab ??" or investing ??" in Chicago,” according to Elmes, a thirty year veteran of the real estate business. The very same skills that work on Chicago’s south side, he has shwon, will be applied with equal success anywhere in the country, regardless of price point or local market conditions.

The Urban Rehabber Seminar© and work shops reveal and develop the specific skills and tools needed to be a successful, “savvy” rehabber and investor. Emphasis is on “production rehab” rather than on the unique project, according to Elmes. “It’s not unusual for a program member to complete 3-4 rehabs in their first year,” he says, “and we always have some who will complete ten or more.” Estimates of projects completed by Seminar Graduates since 2000 run in the thousands.

Participants in the program are enthusiastic. Keith Gordon of Chicago writes, “ As a 12 year mortgage loan officer in the business of financing investment property, I can honestly say the Urban Rehabber Program has the BEST practical method for learning, understanding, and succeeding as a Real Estate Investor...”

Al Katz, a corporate headhunter and investor, says “ ...of all the real estate groups in Chicago, I keep coming back to this one ( 2 years now). Phil actually has people doing real estate not just talking about it. All the attendees who are doing well have been through the Seminar ??"??" that is why I did it for myself. Now that I have, all my questions are answered. “

Urban Rehabber Program membership will bring these learning and “insider” skill building opportunities to a wider national audience. Monthly e-Newsletters, periodic teleconferences, discounts on educational programs and products, and more, are included.

Free 90 day trial memberships are available now through the Urban Rehabber program web site or by calling 1(800) 506 5686.

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