Only Male Love came on the dating scene not to prove that gay dating was just about sex but about real life love as well. Introducing the beauty of gay dating... Not just another gay dating site, Only Male Love introduces an all- around gay male lifestyle. Topics important to the gay male are introduced on Social Media and Only Male Love has some interesting and well worth it additions to its site related to the sexual gay male and the everyday gay male lifestyles.

[USPRwire, Wed Feb 01 2017] Only Male Love, Not Just Another Online Gay Male Dating Site...

Since its implementation in January 2016, Only Male Love has been consistently adding to the LGBT mission by surrounding itself with the things that are important to the gay male.
Only Male Love was introduced to address the important issues of gay dating besides sex.

” We want to do more than just sell sex online” … says owner David Thomas II, who wishes to promote Only Male Love as an all-around go-to abode for gay men.

Only Male Love recognized that most male personals dating sites are really porn hot gay sex sites that have no care of the actual conversation amongst gays guys. From then Only Male Love created the only gay male site that is a gay personals dating site with a serious twist… community, support, and most importantly, real love.

“We want all men in the LGBT community to get involved with Only Male Love and add their own personality to it. We are more than just an online gay dating site, but a site to promote the beauty of gay male lifestyles. Our mission is to help gay males build lasting relationships, acknowledge a help one another & not just look for another a gay date”.

To accomplish this mission, Only Male Love introduced itself to the social media community by keeping its members and friends up-to-date on gay, LGBT, and transsexual issues, including coming out stories, videos on how to have effective relationships, laugh out loud stories involving gay male video of all kinds, personal inquiries, and what’s going on in the political LGBT world. There is also recipe and music updates for the hottest gay man date planning and entertainment to induce a gay male chat… one of Only Male Love's earliest features.
The Huffington Post, The Advocate, Gaynation, and Gay Star News are some of the news introductions of the LGBT community being delivered through Only Male Love, who has chosen specifically to give information that is “worth it” to its loving readers. Viceland will soon be introduced through Only Male Love because of its dedication to the LGBTQ Community. “It’s a very interesting network, I find myself watching it all day”, say Thomas.

“Gay Male Dating is Only About Sex... Not Love… That’s it?”
-Thomas, D.

Bringing a lifetime worth of information and tips to keep the gay male informed and up-to-date, makes it easier for the average gay male to meet someone new as a friend, a hook-up, to video chat, or to just say you are thinking of someone. Ultimately the goal is to take the efforts of Only Male Love and use them in real life situations.
“The gay man needs an avenue where they can be themselves, not who everyone tells them they should be…” Where it’s okay to be a hunk or a geek, like bears or like twinks, looking for gay love or gay sex. There also should be an avenue where gay men can express their
concerns, likes & interests as well. “We create an atmosphere of community and support first”, says Thomas who agrees with the Huffington Post that one of the biggest issues with gay men hookup is just that… a hookup.
The commitment to Only Male Love is a challenge to stay committed to the gay male community, not just by being a hot gay male or because you search male online.

While Only Male Love is geared to helping the male of a gay nature, succeed in effective, friendly, loving relationships, there is also an understanding that the male is a sexual being as well.
To help members of a shy nature or those who are unwilling to try new relationships, is introducing Live Video Streaming to its site. The Live Web Cams will feature hot men whose only job is to please a man… live. The site will feature many channels in which to choose and is a great addition for the solo gay male who is looking for some personal attention or the couple who wants to spice up their love lives.

One difference between and other gay dating sites is its willingness to help gay men make extra income. “It’s already hard being gay in a straight world, and be perfect in a gay world, but then you have to have some dough”, says Thomas who has included important topics such as diabetes issues, working from home, and
having fun on Only Male Love’s social media sites.

Another addition to the site is the exciting addition of Ebooks & online courses of all kinds. Geared to help in just about every aspect of life and not just for the gay man, Only Male Love implemented free access for each new member to a library of over 3 million E-books and courses! We don’t know how much that is worth but let’s say, a gay lot! This new addition was implemented as further proof & to support the theory that gay men love more than just sex. From courses featuring music lessons to internet marketing, has the gay male covered.
So in a Nutshell, Up-to-date gay videos and stories, money making opportunities, free ebooks, courses, and news, relationship advice, cooking & dating tips, video chat, online chat, and Live Webcams… Only Male Love is not just another gay male online dating site.
Only Male Love
April 2016

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