Webster Brooks on: Remembering Katrina and The Work Ahead

Today, Independent Vice-Presidential candidate Webster Brooks urged Americans to commemorate the anniversary of the Katrina Hurricane, by continuing to support the families of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama that were devastated by the storm.

[USPRwire, Tue Aug 29 2006] Brooks observed that "Over the next few days, much will be said about the failures and shortcomings of the response to Katrina and the recovery efforts afterward. But, to all the citizens who donated money, families who sheltered Katrina victims, employers who hired displaced Gulf Coast residents and thousands of people who helped in countless ways, let us not forget what it means to be a charitable and compassionate nation. When our leaders and government falter, the American spirit must continue to endure. That is one of the legacies of Katrina"

Hurricane Katrina resulted in 1,833 deaths, the destruction of 270,000 homes and apartments, and an estimated $81 billion in damages. One year later, much remains to be done to rebuild the Gulf Coast region. In particular, the recovery in New Orleans still faces significant challenges. Half of the city's population has not returned. Basic services like working traffic lights, clean drinking water, and garbage pickup are still lacking.

"Brooks said "The American people must continue to remind the government of their responsibility to make the citizens of the Gulf Coast whole again. We can never forget what has happened here, and we must do all we can to ensure that a tragedy like this does not happen again."

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About Webster Brooks, Vice Presidential Candidate
Webster Brooks was born in Colorado (1956) to an military family and was raised in Detroit.� Beginning his political career, e ran for Mayor of Washington DC in 1990 as independent, and then worked with many democrats, republicans and independent in politics. In 2002, Brooks’ organization, The National Black Republican Network, became the most popular public forum for Black conservatives and Republicans, but included independents as well. Brooks was named as one of ‘The 20 Most Influential Black Conservatives’ by Headway Magazine and an ‘Intellectual Tour de Force’ by the Detroit News.

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