Tampa Criminal Lawyer Garners Praise From Competitors As Well As Clients

David Joffe Of Joffe & Joffe Continues Building Reputation In The Tampa Area As An Attorney Who Gets Results

[USPRwire, Sun Jan 17 2010] It's hardly surprising for an attorney to receive praise from clients they've defended in the course of their careers; however, when even the competition offer praise as they have for Tampa criminal lawyer David Joffe of the firm Joffe & Joffe, it's something worth sitting up and taking notice of.

Joffe has had a long career as a criminal defense attorney all over south Florida; his firm has offices in Miami, Naples and Fort Lauderdale as well as in Tampa and over the years he's been defending Floridians in criminal cases, he's acquired a reputation as an aggressive defense lawyer who gets results for his clients. Thanks to his work in criminal cases including embezzlement, drug trafficking, insurance fraud, antitrust violations, RICO cases and more, it's a reputation which he continues to build with every case the firm takes on and Joffe has become known as an attorney who everyone wants in their corner.

Over the years, this Tampa criminal lawyer has been able to successfully have their sentences reduced or suspended and even have convictions overturned on appeal as well as arguing cases which lead to an acquittal in the original trial. It is this kind of track record of successful criminal defense which has made Joffe & Joffe a firm which is in very high demand for defendants in criminal cases.

"David is an excellent attorney. He is very knowledgeable and an all around great guy. He always makes himself available whenever I call with a question or just to "shmooze" and I can always count on him for solid advice based on his vast amount of experience," says Adam Rosenblum, owner of the Albany, NY-based Rosenblum law firm.

Professional courtesy dictates that attorneys avoid speaking ill of their colleagues in the field; but this sort of praise coming from a rival firm is rare even in the exceptionally collegial legal world. When competitors and clients alike have such glowing things to say about David Joffe and his legal talents, it's hardly surprising that he's known as the Tampa criminal lawyer to call first when Floridians are in need of legal advice and help protecting their rights under the law.

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