Politicians Looking To Get Noticed

The political arena is heating up and those who want to get elected are looking for ways to get noticed in this advertising juggernot. The key for any political advisor, or PR agency is to make as many impressions as possible on as many individuals as possible in a positive big way.

[USPRwire, Fri Mar 24 2006] Every politician who wants to get elected in 2006 is looking for an edge. Those who win will find a way to stand above the advertising noise and be noticed. Those who don't will find themselves in the loser’s bracket.

Political Campaign (Case Study)

Running against a 20-year incumbent, Page McClendon's strategists decided the campaign needed a grassroots, yet highly creative way of getting the candidate’s message to voters.

Campaign planners knew that the bombardment of political ads made delivery of the message more difficult. They decided to incorporate a medium that gained the candidate name recognition and spoke directly to voters.

The campaign turned to Mobile Billboards to deliver this critical addition to McClendon's media strategy. The mobile billboards were included and helped to cut through the clutter of campaign messages. They were everywhere the candidate needed them.

The campaign used the trucks to interrupt potential voters. Voters became highly familiar with McClendon and even recognized her at various events because of the mobile trucks. She was elected and won by 11,000 votes—attributing her success to the use of highly effective, traveling boards.

"Name recognition was very important because we were running against a 20-year incumbent. We also wanted a novel way to get the message out there. The public needs to be stimulated, and to do that you need something new. People saw the ads and felt, 'this is the person who really wants the job.' She did, and she won." David Anderson, McClendon's campaign co-manager

Heatwave Mobile Advertising is the countries largest rolling billboard provider. According to Heatwave founder Chad Brink "rolling billboards only make sense for politicians who want to get noticed. They go where voters are... on the road, they ride above traffic and you can’t turn them off or switch stations."

Each one of Heatwave’s mobile boards is seen by over 40,000 people every day. These trucks are on the road already doing their job so they are not adding to pollution, or slowing traffic. The cost per a thousand impressions is less than a buck. Heatwave seems to be a way to make each campaign dollar bring the maximum return.

Anyone running for office and wants to win would be crazy not to check in with Heatwave for their election campaign. To contact Heatwave you can call 866-497-0313 or go to www.heatwavead.com

Stay tuned as we report on other new breakthrough methods for getting your candidates elected.

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