NY Public Relations Pros Reach Out to the Multicultural Market

[USPRwire, Mon Jun 14 2010] Ethnic pride and multiculturalism have become extremely popular - much to the approval of residents of the New York Metro area who delight in attending or participating in the many festivals held in their neighborhoods. While some of these events draw thousands, others barely attract a few hundred. What makes a festival or multicultural event successful? “It needs to be well-organized and funded, have a lot of color and costumes, offer good food and live performances and be intensely publicized,” says Karen Bomzer who with colleague Gayle Naftaly run East Meets West, a boutique marketing and public relations firm serving Long Island and New York City. The two have a special affinity for working with different ethnic groups.

East Meets West offers a menu of services for every budget to help festival organizers plan, procure funding, and/or market and publicize their event. The staff can be hands-on and oversee the festival from start to finish or act as consultants. They can implement the program from start to finish or act as trainers, teaching your team how to put the plan into action.

Both women have the credentials to make any festival a success. Karen Bomzer has been the Communications Director and Sponsor Liaison for the past four years for the Asian-American Cultural Festival of Long Island, which draws thousands of attendants each year. Gayle Naftaly has been promoting multicultural events in the five boroughs since 2002 through her calendar “Gayle Naftaly presents The Connection Depot” and various other PR channels. They strongly believe that these events add value to the local community, the business community and family lives. “We are all deeply enriched by the mosaic of cultures existing in our area,” says Ms.Naftaly. “These festivals promote understanding and ethnic appreciation while giving insight into the cultural heritage and traditions that many of us born and bred in the United States lack. We are proud to help them flourish.”

About East Meets West

East Meets West was formed by the uniting of PR pros Gayle Naftaly of access.office and Karen Bomzer of MINYA Concepts to establish “virtual” in-home offices in Queens and Long Island with the goal of keeping costs down and providing their clients with innovative and effective ways to promote their products and services. In addition to multicultural event planning and marketing, the agency offers Customer Relationships Management, press release writing and distribution, direct marketing campaigns, copywriting, strategic business planning, public relations and virtual assistants who handle most back office support services. To find out more about East Meets West visit www.accessoffice.net or call 718.217.0009 for NYC businesses and nonprofits and 631.754.6640 for those on Long Island. Out-of-towners can call 866.391.2780 .


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