Looking for a Way Out of Corporate America? Here is the Escape Manual

Custom Solutions announces the release of "No Limits: How I escaped the clutches of Corporate America to live the self-employed life of my dreams" by Sara Morgan. Sample chapters can be accessed online at www.nolimitsthebook.com.

[USPRwire, Mon Sep 07 2009] The current economy has many people second guessing a lot of personal and financial matters. No longer satisfied with following a career path defined by someone else, professionals are wondering if self-employment may be their key to a better and more fulfilling life. These people are passionate, but hesitant on making the leap to self-employment. They are looking for inspiration and advice on whether self-employment is right for them. To help these people, No Limits: How I Escaped the Clutches of Corporate America to Live the Self-Employed Life of My Dreams by Sara Morgan is a timely guide.

What makes this book special is that it was written by someone who successfully traded in the corporate trap for a rewarding and profitable self-employed lifestyle. No Limits is packed full of honest and practical advice, not only from Morgan, but from seven other mavericks. These “out of the box” thinkers vary in their experience level and chosen professions, but they all are hard-working, independent-minded people, like Morgan, who made a deliberate decision to seek out a better life for themselves and their families.

Rather than focusing exclusively on the logistical details of self-employment, this inspirational book offers a behind-the-scenes look at the circumstances that prompt people to consider self-employment, the self-employment paths they choose, and the factors that make them – and can make you – successful. Throughout, it provides the examples necessary to get beyond the “dreaming about” stage to making the move that’s right for you.

Sara Morgan made the jump to self-employment in 2005 with the start-up of her own software consulting company. Prior to this, she worked for large and small companies spanning multiple industries, including Health Care, Finance, Retail, Government, and Information Technology. She is a Microsoft certified web developer with over 15 years of experience and a recognized expert in the field of web development. In addition to No Limits, She has published six technical books, along with dozens of online and printed articles.

No Limits is available for $16.95 in selected bookstores, online through Amazon, or by calling Custom Solutions at 225.936.8190. Autographed copies can also be ordered online at http://www.nolimitsthebook.com. To find out more about No Limits, the author Sara Morgan, or to download media materials such as this press release and images of the book cover, go to www.nolimitsthebook.com

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