Grocery Shoppers Need Protection from Germ-infested Shopping Cart Handles to Avoid Illnesses and Dis

Inventor uses life experience and common sense to develop patented product to prevent the spread of viruses and other contamination from shopping cart handles.

[USPRwire, Mon Jul 03 2006] Health-conscious shoppers can now stay healthy thanks to the invention of The Healthy Handle.

The Healthy Handle slips over the handle on shopping carts to protect users from exposure to germs, viruses, bacteria and other contaminants, according to inventor Al Dandy of Dandy Enterprises LLC.

“The fact that shopping carts are contaminated is real, and they are a major contributor to a huge public health problem,” Dandy said.

It is not uncommon to see customers sneeze or cough into their hands, then go back to pushing a shopping cart. Young children drool, and teething babies bite on the handles -- even when under the watchful eye of a parent. Such practices lead to the spread of illnesses.

In recent studies, shopping cart handles tested positive for bodily fluids such as, blood, saliva, mucus, and even urine and fecal matter. Not only common sense, but scientific research has proven the danger of spreading illness by hand contact with these and many other contaminates, according to Dandy.

“Not only do we have to contend with existing illnesses, but because our borders are virtually gone, we now have to deal with new diseases and illnesses that follow the new cultures. Traditions and different beliefs, along with personal hygiene differences, bring new problems. We must not ignore the problem, but address it with common sense and effective aids,” Dandy said.

The idea for The Healthy Handle came when Dandy’s wife cut her hand on a broken piece of plastic on a shopping cart handle.

“There’s got to be a way that people can be protected while using a shopping cart,” she told him. And he set out to do just that.

The Healthy Handle, built to fit all shopping cart handles, is easy to use and dishwasher safe. It can be applied and removed without touching the shopping cart handle itself. It takes protection a step further than antibacterial wipes, he said.

“After extensive research, it didn’t take long to understand that there is no one way to eliminate the contamination using chemicals that could be used safely by humans,” Dandy explained. “I’m talking about total elimination of contamination, not just certain bacteria or viruses.”

There is no wipe or spray that will eliminate all the many forms of contamination on a shopping cart handle, according to Dandy.

The Healthy Handle, constructed of materials that resist contamination, provides a barrier of protection between the shopper and the cart handle, preventing spread of viruses or bacteria, Dandy said. It is re-useable, practical and discreet.

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About Dandy Enterprises LLC:
Dandy Enterprises LLC, headquartered in Monroe, MI, is owned by Al and Marge Dandy. The patented product was designed to protect users from contamination on shopping cart handles. For more information, visit the company online at

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