Ethical search engine optimization firm presses forward with new business venture

SEOMatrix, an ethical search engine optimization firm, forges new relationship with Kendall Press, to enhance the Boston-based printing company’s online visibility while extending its corporate reach.

[USPRwire, Sat Sep 06 2008] SEOMatrix, LLC (, Connecticut’s premier ethical search engine optimization company, recently announced a new relationship with Kendall Press ( Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Kendall Press provides full-spectrum printing and copying, serving all major markets in Boston and the surrounding areas.

Kendall Press handles everything from marketing collateral to business stationery, educational material, legal documents and many other printed business essentials. Holiday cards and wedding invitations are also in great demand. Kendall Press understands business markets and their specific corporate needs.

“Within every market, whether it be consulting, biotech, high tech, education, finance, non-profit, medical, architectural or legal, every company must communicate a unique value proposition – and we really get that at Kendall,” states company CEO Mark Lemley. “The Greater Boston/Cambridge area has a dense concentration of firms that rely on Kendall Press to accomplish this on a daily basis. Looking good on paper exponentially reinforces the brand value of a company.”

Kendall Press will continue to ensure its clients look good on paper, while leveraging cutting-edge web-based technology in concert with SEOMatrix. The New Haven-based SEO agency, led by president Brian Ortiz, is poised to manage Kendall Press’ online positioning, enhance its overall presence and heighten its visibility in the online marketplace.

“This is an exciting time for SEOMatrix,” said President Brian Ortiz. “We’re delighted to have Kendall Press on board with us for this campaign. We’re moving forward with some great advances designed to propel Kendall Press even further in regard to their overall reputation and reach.”

The SEOMatrix team works to increase clients’ visibility online by raising rankings of their sites within the major search engines. SEOMatrix assists clients with additional aspects of their online business by improving website design, content, usability and conversions.

By collaborating with SEOMatrix, Kendall Press anticipates increased visibility online – giving customers added convenience with regard to accessing their ever-expanding product lines and services. But an enhanced online presence is just one part of the equation for Mark Lemley.

“Unparalleled customer service is at the core of our business,” Lemley asserted. “Kendall Press pays utmost attention to every detail of every project – because brand consistency is really important. Online ordering of business stationery and marketing collateral is economical and efficient for our clients who frequently do this through their client portals at our site.”

For more information about the advantages of digital printing (ideal for projects such as flyers, brochures, postcards, booklets, newsletters, sell sheets and data sheets) contact Cheryl Lemley at Kendall Press at (617) 354-2584; or visit them online at

How important is it for a busy executive to have access to a real person after one, maybe two, rings of the phone? Vice President Cheryl Lemley definitely knows the answer to that question.

“It’s vital to maintain that customer-centric presence, that commitment to the people we serve – because, let’s face it, without our customers, we don’t have a business,” Cheryl Lemley said. “We’ve built our reputation on service – and delivering excellent customer service means being responsive, in a timely manner, to our clients’ concerns and inquiries.”

Cheryl also points out that the “creative ideas” section of the Kendall Press website is tremendously popular with customers.

“They love being able to select from our menus of design, marketing, technology and print tips,” she said. “Sometimes people can feel awkward about asking too many questions. But this way, they can access all the information they need, without feeling like they’re imposing on anyone in the process. It’s just another service we’re glad to offer.”

About Kendall Press: Kendall Press is a full-service commercial printing company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They excel at marketing collateral and business stationery, and at providing a quality product with reliable delivery. For further information about Kendall Press, please call (617) 354-2584 or visit

About SEOMatrix, LLC: Based in New Haven, Connecticut, SEOMatrix, LLC is an ethical search-engine optimization and online-marketing firm. Led by CEO Brian Ortiz, the company works to enhance clients’ online visibility through embedding keywords and phrases in clients’ Web content, strategic placement of press releases and articles to foster inbound linking. The aim of this is to improve clients’ rankings among search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. The SEOMatrix, LLC team is constantly working to develop inroads and implement innovative methods of enhancing clients’ online presence. Working at the cutting edge of Web technology, SEOMatrix, LLC makes the most of the Internet for the benefit of its clients. For additional information about SEOMatrix, LLC, please visit

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