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Corporate Blogging is ideally suited to Investor Relations and Corporate Communications activities. Although concerns over corporate controls, governance, and risk are diminishing, a general lack of information and expertise available to the Investor Relations and Corporate Communications industry has slowed the adoption of corporate blogging by public companies. Corporate Weblogging now offers a knowledge resource and access to the latest and most valuable commentary, insight and advice available through blogging experts today.

[USPRwire, Mon Nov 27 2006] Corporate Weblogging announced today the launch of its new website which aggregates and organizes content from expert blogs providing public companies and Investor Relations professionals with the most current and valuable expert information, advice, insight and commentary on corporate blogging available anywhere on the Internet today. The Corporate Weblogging site also provides an extensive knowledge base of articles and reports focused on corporate blogging and blogging for public companies.

Information Organized around Investor Relations and Corporate Communications Issues

Corporate Weblogging organizes and filters blog content into six categories: Corporate Blogging, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications, Corporate Governance, Reputation and Crisis Management, How to Tips, and PR. Blog content is further organized by tags covering over 50 different topics such as: Best Practices, Blog Law, Blogger Relations, CEO Blogging, Code of Ethics, Copyright, Disclosure, and XBRL.

“Public companies in growing numbers are beginning to consider a corporate blog as an exciting new addition to an Investor Relations program” said George Fleming, founder. “Blogging is ideally suited to Investor Relations and Corporate Communications. By their nature, public companies are on the leading edge of most business sectors. At the same time blogging is at its best when introducing and discussing leading edge ideas and products.”

Expert Blog Content

In developing a knowledge center focused on blogging for public companies Corporate Weblogging has sought to aggregate content from the top experts including: Business Blog Consulting, BlogWrite for CEO’s, Corporate PR, Charlene Li’s Blog, Stephen Spencers Scatterings, Pro Blogger, Business BlogWire, BlinnPR Report, Blog Editor, Bloggers Blog, Blog Spotting, Brandstorming, Buzz Marketing with Blogs, CorpCommBuzz, Crisisblogger, Holmes Report Blog, IRDaily, LexBlog Blog, Micro Presausion, BlogPulse Newswire, PR Blog, PR Communications, PR Squared, Scatterbox by Steven Silvers, Scobleizer, The Bivings Report, The Blog Herald, Diva Marketing Blog, Business Logs, Corporate Engagement, Jonathon Schwartz’s Weblog, Better Business Blogging, Naked Conversations, Marketing Nirvana, Marketing Excellence Blog, Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog, Marketing Shift, and CopyBlogger.

About Corporate Weblogging

Created to provide blogging and content solutions specifically for public companies, Corporate Weblogging offers a range of services specifically designed for Investor Relations and Corporate Communications needs. Corporate Weblogging has developed a set of proprietary blog and blog content web applications specifically designed for the unique requirements of corporate clients. From targeted content solutions to blog authoring and management systems to communications and RSS tools, our goal is to provide clients with a cost effective means of exploiting the tremendous opportunities that blogging and RSS offer.


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