Artistic Photographer Announces New Exhibit at the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga Springs

Mark Andrew has announced his latest artistic dance photography will be a featured exhibit at the National Museum of Dance. The series of photographs combines fine art, music, and dance.

[USPRwire, Mon Jul 31 2006] "Eleanor Rigby's Resurrection," a new exhibit by artistic art photographer Mark Andrew, is scheduled to open at the National Museum of Dance on Friday, August 11.

This is Andrew's second exhibition of dance photography at the museum. The first is an interactive display featuring the social dances of the six nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, which has been a very popular attraction for museum visitors.

"Mark Andrew has a unique ability and skill to capture more than just light and color in his photographs. His work captures the emotions and feelings associated with dance in a way that brings his photographs to life. We have enjoyed his previous exhibit depicting the timeless Iroquois dance tradition, and now we look forward to his newest project," remarked Beth Hartle, museum director.

The show, entitled "Eleanor Rigby's Resurrection: Images Inspired by Music's Icons," is a collaboration between Andrew and Hartle. The two have created a diverse series of images of dancers depicting icons of music

Working together with each featured dancer, Andrew and Hartle have combined their talents to create the movement, shapes and artistic theme which is the basis for the images. The artistic merit of the images combined with the universal appeal of the subject matter makes an indelible impression on the viewer.

"I guess it comes down to the emotional connection I make with each of my subjects. Each of them are different, and that results in a unique style that is distinct from my other work," explained Andrew.

The National Museum of Dance will exhibit the first 12 images during the month of August.
"We're working on additional images and anticipate new national venues for the exhibit this fall," said Hartle.

His past experience as an innovative businessman, coupled with his instinctive artistic abilities bring a freshness and unique quality to artistic photography not found in the work of other photographers. Andrew instinctively knows how to work with his subjects, background, light, computer software, and creative frame design to create a beautiful work of art.

"The collaborative process of working with Beth Hartle and the dancers was a wonderfully creative process that has not ended. We are continuing this process with other forms of dance to develop a variety of exhibits," explained Andrew.

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Fine art photographer Mark Andrew creates photography that is filled with energy, emotion, and creative expression. His recent work includes exhibits for the National Museum of Dance. He maintains a web site at


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