Artist Announces Web Site -- Online Gallery Displays Commissioned Religious Paintings and Sculptures

Artist and sculptor Bernard M. Deschler has announced that a gallery of his work is available for visitors to view online.

[USPRwire, Sat Sep 16 2006] Religious artist Bernard M. Deschler has posted a gallery of some of his paintings and sculptures on a web site to make them more widely available for the enjoyment of the public.

His paintings and sculptures are symbolic expressions which convey emotions as well as visual images. Much of his work can be seen on his web site at

Deschler, a French-born artist, creates commissioned religious artwork for clients both large and small. He has accepted projects from large churches and religious organizations, businesses, and individuals.

"It would be hard for people to see all of my work because it is displayed in so many different places. I created the gallery to enable more people to enjoy my work," he explained. The site and the gallery are available to the general public without cost and without the need to register to view the images.

The site is well designed, attractive, and easy to navigate. In addition to the gallery of his work, the site also contains information about the artist and news stories published about him.

Inspired by his faith and love of Christ, Deschler speaks with conviction of his anguish for the poor and the needy. His work touches the heart, which is what makes his art so attractive to viewers of all ages.

"I have intentionally depicted the martyrdom of humanity through our Savior Jesus Christ," explained Deschler. "When people view my paintings and sculptures I want them to feel emotions at a personal level that they will never forget."

Deschler's simple and unique style is captivating. Churches and religious organizations often commission him to create a sculpture that will impact the lives of people for many, many years. He takes that challenge very personally, and says he relies on God for help.

"God has blessed me with a talent I now use to help others strengthen their own faith. I can feel God guide my thoughts and hands as I create," explained Deschler.

About Bernard M. Deschler:
Bernard M. Deschler is a French-born artist with a serious gift for expressing the movement of body and soul. The physical immediacy of his art makes each creation pulse with vitality and emotional impact. He creates large and small commissioned paintings and sculptures as commissioned projects.

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