Instant Foreplay: Rev up your libido this Valentine's Day with Spice Audio Books

Published: Mon Feb 12 2007

What is sexier than the sound of a zipper going down slowly in the dark? The promise of intimacy to come is more than enough to stir your fire. But what if you aren't ready for the big moment? What if your motor is stalled? What can you do?

"Read an erotic novel beforehand to rev up your libido," says author Jina Bacarr, adding it takes eleven minutes for a woman to reach full arousal. "Women have to take control of their own sexual stimulation and not depend completely on a man to do it for them."

What if you don't have time to read a novel before that big date on Valentine's Day? "Now you can listen to romantic stories like 'The Blonde Geisha' on your iPod, " says the author of the erotic novel that takes place in late nineteenth century Japan. "Try it when you're putting on your makeup, getting dressed, or slipping on those high-heeled stilettos. Spice books are sexy, classy, and sophisticated." According to Bacarr, other erotic novels available for download from and are "Dirty" by Megan Hart and in March, "Tease" by Suzanne Forster.

Finding ways of keeping love alive in a techno world is more diverse than ever. According to Harlequin's Romance Report 2007, 47 percent of women in the U.S. have sent a sexually explicit email, text or instant message to a special someone.

With more than 51 percent of American women living the single life, they also have more time to listen to erotic romance. Spice audio books allow women to discover the ease and affordability of listening to erotic novels on their iPods and computers.

"With Valentine's Day just a zipper pull away, it's time to rev up those iPods for a sexy day of romance and download your favorite Spice book from After all," says Bacarr, "no one--not even the man in your life--knows what you're listening to but you."

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Jina Bacarr is the author of "The Blonde Geisha" and coming in July, "Naughty Paris," from Spice Books, as well as the award-winning book "The Japanese Art of Sex." Jina has also worked as the Japanese consultant on KCBS-TV, MSNBC, Tech TV's"Wired for Sex" and British Sky Broadcasting’s "Saucy TV." Enamored with all facets of Japanese culture, Jina’s ability to speak the language helped her find jobs acting in Japanese television commercials and working as a companion girl for a Japanese company in California. Jina is also a successful playwright and has written over forty scripts for daytime television (including thirty animation scripts).
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