Single Full-Time Dad Markets his Unique Discovery to Potty Train Little Boys

“A single, full-time dad was faced with the overwhelming challenge of potty training his special needs son and his Potty Training Boats were a major breakthrough in accomplishing that & maybe one of the most effective training aides on the market”

[USPRwire, Sun Aug 01 2010] Full time, single dad Michael Malott and his young son have just released a new father and son book which may prove to many, to be one of the most effective training aides to get little boys to learn to use the potty. Zachary’s Potty Training Boats, is a new book from the duo which contains over 1500 cut out boats for little boys to use as targets when they need to use the potty. This makes potty training for little boys a breeze, because the child is anxious to use the potty, and “sink a ship”.

Malott’s son Zachary is now five-years-old and Malott states that potty training his special needs child was nothing short of a nightmare. Then one day they just tried drawing some little boats on little square pieces of paper and putting them in the potty for Zachary to aim at. The experiment was a complete success and overnight his son was now potty trained.

The “Zachary’s Potty Training Boats” book maybe nothing more than a variety of boat images printed on little square outlined pieces for parents to cut out, but the results of this very basic training aide can be absolutely astonishing. The book also includes a “Potty Training Degree” for parents to fill out for their child upon successful completion of their child’s potty training adventures.

The 60 page Zachary’s Potty Training Boats book sells for $8.99 and is currently available on or through the duos website at


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