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The Gannett News Service provides the National Times with stories on numerous topics, including news, sports, lifestyle and business.

[USPRwire, Thu Mar 12 2009] An online newspaper is quickly gaining readership due to strong news that is updated on a weekly basis. The online publication gets its news from the Gannett News Service, which is distributed by the Tribune Media Services. The publication offers articles from USA Today and other well known publications from around the United States, making it the premier service for national news and entertainment articles.

The National Times ( is pleased to announce they will be featuring articles from the Gannett News Service. The Gannett News Service is one of the most reputable in the business. In the 65 years the service has been in business, the news service has created a solid reputation as a Pulitzer Prize winning service that provides the biggest stories of the day to different news outlets.

The Gannett News Service provides the National Times with stories on numerous topics, including news, sports, lifestyle and business. The online newspaper offers a full newspaper experience to readers who want all of the benefits of a traditional newspaper right on their computer.

The National Times currently features items from the Gannett News Service that come from various news sources that are respected on the local and national level. Currently, the National Times has articles on the site from USA Today, The Arizona Republic, The Tennessean, Florida Today, and numerous other well respected publications.

Because of the variety of publications the online newspaper utilizes, it is able to represent the country in its entirety. The national online publication has stories from all over the country, making it the go to source online for the weekly news. It does not have the limitations of the local paper, allowing people to get in touch with the country they live in.

The National Times is a weekly publication that is updated every Friday. Every week, the online newspaper is updated with the biggest stories in the country in an easy to navigate format.

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The National Times was created by author and journalist Jay Waitkus. The online newspaper features the biggest stories in the country and is updated every Friday. The publication offers an alternative to the traditional newspaper through its free online format that can be accessed any time of the day or night.

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