Hamster Vice Returns in Graphic Novel: Collected Mayhem

From: DIEHARD Studio Entertainment
Published: Sun Apr 19 2009

One of the most popular “funny animal” comics of the 80's returns in a nutritious collection, reprinting the first four issues of the series. Entitled Hamster Vice: Collected Mayhem, the volume contains 146 pages featuring the famous animal cop team. Also included is the rare mini-comic Killjoy Dragonslayer, which was originally only available at comic book conventions. The hilarious intro by comics legend Frank Thorne is included as an added treat.

The comic features animal vice officers Hammy, Ben and Wolph, as they go head to head against an assortment of really bad and misguided insect criminals such as Rumble Roach and Queen Mosquita. The series is packed with humor, action, fists, fur, antennae, bad jokes and tons of pop culture references.

Hamster Vice is written and illustrated by Dwayne Ferguson who also art directed the animated television series Mutant League and directed the short 3D film Black Zero: Mercenary Ant.

Hamster Vice: Collected Mayhem is available at www.diehardstudio.com.

For more information about Hamster Vice comics, graphic novels and more, please contact Lauren Ferguson at 973-672-3495 or via email to Lauren@diehardstudio.com.
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