Guitarist TV Rocks Up Its Broadcast Reach With Global IPTV Platform

From: Global Digital Broadcast
Published: Tue Dec 30 2008

The world’s first premier broadband, multi-genre guitarist channel, Guitarist TV (G-TV), rocks up its broadcast reach by signing with leading international IPTV specialist, Global Digital Broadcast (GDBTV). Guitarist TV was founded by professional South African guitarist Mike de Jager, who is sponsored by Marshall Amps (UK) and Moser Custom Guitars (USA) and has played with numerous artists including, Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden 1979/1980); Simon Lees (Budgie); Brian Tatler (Diamond Head); Simon Bradley (Guitarist Mag.); Tim Manford (Dante Fox); and Paul May (Temple Dogs / V-Rats). The channel was originally launched online in 2006 by guitar legend Joe Satriani.

Launch on the GDBTV IPTV platform, across several countries between North America, the UK and the Middle East, comes after GDBTV co-founder and COO David Wray took a personal interest in Guitarist TV.

Mike explains: “David first discovered Guitarist TV on the internet while he was on business in Los Angeles and arranged for us to meet up back at his offices in Brighton, UK. There was an immediate connection when we met and it felt as though we had known each other for years. David and I share the same vision and, as fellow guitarists, we share the same passion. Together we are creating the world’s most amazing Guitarist TV channel ... for the good of mankind!”

He continues: “IPTV is perfect for niche markets to expand to a greater demographic and allows easy access to the content. Guitarist TV is built by guitarists for guitarists around the world and the GDBTV platform will enable us to reach them all.”

In addition to expanding its broadcast reach, Guitarist TV is also boosting the channel offerings to include: broadcast of live concerts; guitar workshops, seminars, educational programmes and fun guitar weekends for beginners to advanced; promotion and PR for both major record companies and unsigned artists; G-TV radio; a G-TV magazine; hot-off-the-press news and reviews; celebrity guests; and even guitar orientated travel programmes.

Artists who have featured on the channel thus far include: Joe Satriani; Greg Howe (Michael Jackson / Justin Timeberlake); Johnny A.; Eddie Van Halen; Luke Morley and Ben Matthews (Thunder); Steve Lukather (Toto); Joe Stump (Berklee); the late Eric Roche; Neville Martin (Guitarist Mag.); Ainsley Lister; Innes Sibun and Pete Caldwell (Basement Jaxx).

David Wray coments: “There is a huge global guitarist community in every genre imaginable. As a former guitar teacher I know how much guitarists want visual resources. This channel enables educational and, of course, information indulgence, which is straight to the heart of the players worldwide and, best of all, it’s on their TV sets.”

Guitarists who contribute content to the channel also benefit from two dedicated G-TV award events ??" the annual G-TV Golden Glass Awards and the Guitarist TV Hall of Fame. The G-TV Golden Glass Awards launched in 2007 and the award is presented to the guitarist who has made both the greatest contribution to Guitarist TV and the guitar world in general. The award itself is a one off, signed, glass art piece, made by fine glass artist Vic Bamforth. The 2009 G-TV Golden Glass Awards will be expanded to include a public vote. The Guitarist TV Hall of Fame was launched in 2008 in order to respect and remember the world’s greatest guitarists and G-TV supporter Joe Satriani was commended both launch awards.

Mike comments: “Joe has graciously met with us every year and his contribution and association with us is something we treasure. He is, without doubt, the most famous instrumental guitarist of the 21st century and that is why he took these awards. However, as G-TV grows and we welcome guitar talent from around the world, we look forward to presenting the awards to newcomers and other great guitarists alike.”

Joe Satriani adds: “I met Mike in 2006 in Birmingham and the connection was a good one; he does great work and I am proud to be associated with him and his work on Guitarist TV. I wish Mike every success with the channel and congratulations for finally making it onto the GDBTV network!”

CHRISTMAS 2008 NEWSFLASH: The video of Status Quo’s first ever Christmas single, ‘It’s Christmas Time’, is set to feature exclusively on the Guitarist TV channel, on the GDBTV platform.

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About Guitarist TV:
Founded by professional South African guitarist Mike de Jager and launched as an internet channel in 2006 by Joe Satriani, Guitarist TV (G-TV) is the world’s first premier guitarist TV channel, built by guitarists for guitarists around the world. G-TV director and producer, Mike de Jager, is sponsored by Marshall Amps (UK) and Moser Custom Guitars (USA); and Global Digital Broadcast co-founder and COO, David Wray, is also a director of Guitarist TV. Guitarist TV runs two award events ??" the annual G-TV Golden Glass Award and the Guitarist Hall of Fame. Guitarist TV Ltd is based in Winchester, UK.

About Global Digital Broadcast:
Established in 2005 and headquartered in Brighton, East Sussex, Global Digital Broadcast (GDBTV) provides technical services in order to enable internet protocol television (IPTV) to be delivered by broadcasters around the world, to viewers around the world. It is the first to develop and implement such a comprehensive, end-to-end, IPTV application, including the G-Studio middleware; a hybrid set-top box (STB); the online virtual set-top box (VSTB) application; secure age verification processes; and its pioneering MyPVR application, which enables the user/viewer to access previously screened programmes, including saving them in full, in addition to facilitating remote capacity.

GDBTV maintains and operates IPTV networks in America with SuncasTV, delivering Asian content across the US and globally; US based and Canal Sur run Via America, which delivers Latin and Brazilian content across the USA and Europe; Canada based IP Qube which delivers Filipino content to the US and Canada; and Something in the United Kingdom. GDBTV can deliver to 86 countries worldwide, has existing clients in over 30 countries; and territory IP-STB re-sellers positioned in Germany, Sweden, Chicago, L.A., China and Canada.

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