Flex Authority Announces New Editor-in-Chief

Roundbox Globalís Leif Wells joins the House of Fusion team to provide editorial and managerial support for the Flex Authority Journal.

[USPRwire, Thu Mar 26 2009] House of Fusion, Inc. announced that Leif Wells will succeed Jeffry Houser as Editor-in-Chief of Flex Authority. Since the journalís debut in 2008, Wells has served as a staff writer and technical editor for the publication. This previous work and his obvious enthusiasm made him the perfect candidate to replace Houser after his departure earlier this year, said Judith Dinowitz, House of Fusion's Master Editor-in-Chief.

Wells brings fifteen years of development experience to his new role, from his work with Macromind Director in the early 1990s to his current position as Rich Internet Applications Evangelist at Roundbox Global. A very active member of the Flex community, Wells recently became an Adobe Community Expert for Flex. In addition, he has managed the Adobe Flash Platform User Group of Atlanta and the Atlanta Flash Meetup for the past three years.

"Leif's experience and love of the Flex community will make him a good fit for Flex Authority," said Dinowitz. "Leif brings an energy and enthusiasm about Flex and the community that's a real asset to the journal. Under his editorial direction, we look forward to taking Flex Authority to a new level and serving the community better."

"I believe a healthy Flex community needs a vibrant and exciting print-based magazine, and when the position of Editor-in-Chief became available I decided that this was a good place for me to affect change in the Flex community," Wells wrote in his personal blog at www.leifwells.com. "Over the years I have been able to offer many things to the Atlanta community, and I believe it is about time that I take steps on a larger stage. Flex Authority was already giving me that opportunity, but as Editor-in-Chief, my editorials will add my own voice to the chorus of the community and allow me to guide a larger audience."

Flex Authority publishes quarterly and is currently in production for issue 3. Since its launch last year, the magazine has been heralded for smart, well-written analysis and commentary on Flex and AIR, as well as for its impressive structure and layout. For more information on Flex Authority, visit http://www.flex-authority.com

About House of Fusion, Inc.
House of Fusion, Inc. hosts the oldest and largest ColdFusion community on the web, an authoritative source of technical information and home to the well-known ColdFusion-Talk (CF-Talk) list, among others. Their support of all things ColdFusion started with the first release of the product and has grown since. With the first release of Flex, they have maintained a Flex and Flex-Jobs mailing list as well, and cover Flex-related news on their websites. With the Flex Authority journal, their coverage of Flex will grow to match their coverage of ColdFusion.

House of Fusion's business side focuses on providing high-quality solutions to technical problems through consulting, training and publishing. They excel at producing articles and publications that break down complex topics and present them in highly readable language that anyone can understand, without losing the high-level essence and nuance of the ideas they are conveying. Their entry into the world of online publishing began in 1999, with the creation of Fusion Authority, a magazine on ColdFusion and related technologies. Their first foray into print publishing resulted in the first Fusebox book, published in 2000. In 2006, they expanded their reach with the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update, a quarterly, full-color journal. In 2008, they brought their brand of clear technical commentary to the Flex world with the creation of Flex Authority.

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