Attica Lundy's Book - "A Quiet Time" - Now on Sale

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Published: Tue Feb 06 2007

Attica Lundy's debut book, "A Quiet Time" is now on sale. It's a work that promises to redefine the love story as we know it today, "A Quiet Time," is what the critics are calling an "impressionable must read."

Dynamically well written, the book looks into one of the most controversial types of relationships of the 21st century. It's certain to continue to intrigue and raise eyebrows long after it hits the brick and mortar bookstores.

Transcending racial and culture stereotypes, the book is attracting and engaging readers from all backgrounds.

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Attica Lundy
PO Box 960164
Riverdale, GA 30296 U

Title: "A Quiet Time"
Author: Attica Lundy
Publisher: Xlibris
Language: English

Paperback $15.70
ISBN 1-4257-4266-1
Hardcover $27.89
ISBN 1-4257-4267-X
Release date December, 2006

Paperback prices reflect 15% discount off retail
Hardback prices reflect 10% discount off retail

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