Atlas Shrugged Movie will Likely Cause More People to "Go Galt"

Published: Mon Apr 06 2009

Fans of the the famous book "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand now have something to look forward to. They also have something to wear. If you have not recently seen anyone wearing a shirt that says "Who is John Galt?", that may quickly change.

With the impending release of the movie based on the book "Atlas Shrugged" due out in 2011 people everywhere are speculating that the movie could start a revolution in this country. Amid the backdrop of the global financial crisis people all over the US have been threatening to "Go Galt." To potentially help with this process are some stores on the web selling clothing with famous quotes from the book as well as bumper stickers and other merchandise so they can wear their "passion" for individualism and the ideas within the book., a web store solely specializing in t-shirts and clothing for Aynd Rand fans and Objectivists, is dedicated to helping people "Go Galt". The store has a new shirt with the phrase "Gone Galt. Since 1957". The store's most popular product is a shirt with the quote "Who is John Galt?". Other popular sellers are differently themed John Galt shirts and John Galt bumper stickers with the famous quote from the book. The site even has some less common gifts for fans of Atlas Shrugged like store branded usb thumb drives, door mats, and mugs that say "Who is John Galt?".

The web site has been growing in popularity over the last year and is likely to achieve more buzz with the coming release of the movie. Because Angelina Jolie is rumored to be playing the part of Dagny Taggart, some think that the potential popularity of this new film could start a philosophical and cultural revolution in this country. For now you can start with your wardrobe.

About is a web store specializing in T-Shirts, Clothing, and other merchandise for Ayn Rand fans, lovers of the book Atlas Shrugged, and Objectivists.
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