A Troubled Lady, a Spirit Lover, and a Detective Portray Life and Love

A captivating love story that superbly blends romance and the supernatural to show how a person loves and lives in spite of the loneliness and madness one may feel and experience.

[USPRwire, Thu Jul 30 2009] In a love story that’s heartrending yet inspiring, melancholic yet moving, and supernatural yet real, author Kathleen Galajda intertwines three lives–each one touched by the other—in a chance encounter that only fate could have planned. A Phantom Love for Laura Lee takes readers to Jefferson County, where a troubled girl finds herself alone in the world after her parents’ death and tries to understand herself along with the world around her.

Following the death of her parents, Laura Lee has been feeling alone and lonely. She realizes that the best thing to do is leave. She answers an ad in the newspaper to rent out a cottage. There, she would meet Stephen. The only problem is Stephen died years ago. Thus, begins a journey she never thought or dreamed would happen to her. She has to try balancing reality and fantasy. But is she really talking to a ghost or losing her mind?

Through her diary, a detective is transported back to her life. He sees her life and feels her pain. Though they have never met, he knows everything about her. What significant role will he play in Laura’s life?

Author Kathleen Galajda entwines the lives of Laura Lee, her spirit lover, and a detective to blend together two stories that portray a person’s loneliness, inner struggle, and longing. This riveting story will truly keep readers captivated.

“I recommend this book highly to anyone who ever felt their hair stand on end, got goose bumps when they felt another's presence, or for the eternal dreaming of young women in love who want more than reality can possibly ever deliver.” – ‘Creator’ Cauldwell, CEO/President, Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio, Podcast Media Broadcast Services (A Review from Amazon.com)

A Phantom Love for Laura Lee is available in online bookstores. It can be purchased through www.PublishersAmerica.com or www.Amazon.com.

About the Author
Kathleen L. Galajda has lived in Rochester, NY all her life. She just recently moved to Las Vegas. She loves to write; and she had some poetry published. When not writing, she enjoys gardening and lots of other crafts.

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