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Published: Thu Nov 26 2009

Pür Detox a leading rapid detoxification center announced today that they have launched their new website at http://www.purdetox.com. Visitors of the website will find valuable information on topics like rapid detoxification for people who are interested in ridding their bodies of toxins and other harmful substances. Rapid detoxification helps individuals kick off their alcohol and drug dependence. According to a prominent client of this upscale detox center, the rapid detoxification program at Pür Detox is "the most complete, most comfortable detox program in the world right now.”

This website is designed to provide Net visitors ample information about the rapid detoxification program that Pür Detox offers. This executive rapid detoxification program is designed to take out harmful substances in the body at the cellular level. Unlike other rapid detoxification programs, the one offered by Pür Detox cleanses not only the colon, but other internal organs as well. This is the reason why this rapid detoxification method has been touted as the most effective in getting rid of people’s dependence on alcohol, addict-forming prescription medications, and other illegal substances.

Visitors of the website will find new insights on topics like rapid detoxification program that makes use of the latest breakthroughs in integrative medicine, which makes use of alternative techniques to help people get rid of their alcohol and chemical dependence safely and rapidly. Aside from the use of sauna therapy for rapid detoxification, patients of this executive detox center will also be given vitamins IV drip and customized sleep aids.

At Pür Detox, patients are also offered short-term opiates to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Acupuncture sessions are also integrated to the rapid detoxification program to reinvigorate wellness and health of patients. It is important to note that this upscale rapid detoxification center does not have group therapy because it upholds the privacy of its clients

The website will be updated frequently and Pür Detox will post exciting new content on rapid detoxification and other related articles. For more information about the center, visit http://www.purdetox.com.

About Pür Detox: Pür Detox is a rapid detoxification center that aims to help customers get rid of their dependence on chemical substances and alcohol the natural way. This executive detox center provides luxurious accommodations and facilities for people who have elegant taste.

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