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Published: Wed Aug 20 2008

Hmedicine.comís homeopathy blog was recognized as one of top Homeopathy Blogs by nursing school research. Hmedicine's blog was identified as having a great deal of accurate information explaining homeopathic remedies and alternative medicines. The blog contains factual trials on homeopathy that were not tainted by skeptics or proponents of homeopathic medicine.

Sanjib Sarkar, blog content manager, says " Our homeopathic blog has been active for awhile. However, the blog was revamped recently with weekly content that our readership wants to know. The response has been overwhelming. The traffic on our blog has increased substantially over the past few months because our readership enjoys content that is updated at least weekly. We also added features where blog users can subscribe via RSS or email."
The homeopathy blog will now start to create audio and video content for our blog subscribers. is always searching for creative and interesting ways to get the word out about homeopathy and alternative medicines.

Founded in 2001, is an online store selling homeopathic remedies. also offers other natural health products to complement the consumers' homeopathic purchases. has a resource center for people looking for homeopathy and alternative health content. resource center includes a blog, homeopathy discussion forums, homeopathy guides , news and other alternative health information. mission is to make the consumer aware of alternative medicine options that are available to them.

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