Healthcare Staffing Agency Offers Green Card Sponsorship Program For Foreign Nurses

From: Jannychyun Professional Personnel
Published: Tue Jul 22 2008

”A recent study issued by the California Institute for Nursing & Health Care (CINHC) forecasts that there will be a shortage of 116,000 nurses by 2020. To meet this need we have developed and implemented a Green Card Sponsorship program for foreign nurses,” states John Nwankwo M.A., Manager of Operations for Jannychyun Professional Personnel.

Jannychyun is a healthcare staffing agency headquartered in Riverside California providing qualified nursing personnel to hospitals and nursing homes.

“According to the CINHC two of the biggest causes for the shortage are the lack of experience nurse educators and fewer people looking at nurse as a career.”

“Our new Green Card Sponsorship program will bridge that gap by offering qualified foreign nurses the opportunity to live and work in California.”

“The U.S. government has recognized the need for more nursing professionals and made the immigration process easier for registered nurses.”

“To qualify, foreign nurses must hold a diploma or nursing license from their home country. Then to be eligible for immigrant sponsorship by a U.S. healthcare institution, nurses must meet one of two U.S. licensing/certification requirements.”

Deloras Jones, executive director of CINHC states "We need a better system for educating nurses. We cannot continue to educate nurses using traditional strategies. New models are evolving that will better prepare nurses for today's complex environment."

Nwankwo continues “It is admirable that the CINHC is looking towards nursing needs in the future and encouraging people into the profession. We will assist the CINHC and them in any way possible.”

“In the meantime, despite the apparent shortage, we have nurses at our registry that are looking for more work today! These nurses are qualified and experienced in all categories.”

“No doubt there’s a growing need for nurses as the demand for care increases. Although I do not dispute the statistics, I do doubt that the shortage is as great as the media claims simply based on our company operations.”

“It is a paradox that flies in the face of published stats but if the shortage is that great all of our nurses would be working every day. In fact we would be suffering from the same shortage too.”

“But where there’s smoke there’s fire. We have to accept the fact that there is some validity to the CINHC statistics and we have to plan accordingly.”

“Our Green Card Sponsorship program is a process and not an overnight solution, so we will be ready for the future of California nursing.”

“All I can say is if there is a hospital or nursing home in California that needs qualified nursing personnel today, we can help. If they need help in the future we can help,” concludes Nwankwo.

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