Healthcare Facilities Reaping the Benefits of Managing Patients Wirelessly

From: Applied Data Research
Published: Fri Dec 11 2009

Propelled by the perceived value of wireless as a way to increase service levels while controlling operating costs, the use of wireless systems in health care institutions has been steadily growing. Despite the cost containment initiatives which present barriers to investing in new information technology, a rapidly increasing number of healthcare professionals now believe that wireless technology will provide improved data accuracy and reduce errors.

The ability to access information on current patient location, patient movement, and patient event scheduling is being viewed by many healthcare administrators as a cost-effective way to improve bed occupancy usage and reduce demand on staff and facilities. Until recently, cost, form factor and service issues slowed acceptance and adoption of wireless patient management systems by healthcare facilities. Improved reliability and the evolution of endpoint devices with longer battery life are now enabling health care providers to justify the investment in wireless technology. As reliability, price points, and health care application availability continue to improve, the proliferation of wireless-enabled patient management systems will continue to penetrate large and mid-size hospitals.

A recently completed analysis the growth in wireless technology and systems for managing patients in healthcare facilities is now available. Findings and conclusions are contained in a new report ??" Wireless In-Patient Management: Evolving Technology, Emerging Opportunities. The report analyzes wireless systems and deployments for patient management, assesses the market potential through 2012, examines system design, technology and market development issues, and provides detailed descriptions of healthcare usage segments and business strategies.

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