Healthcare Consumers Can Compare Doctors Online, Including Sanctions Against Them

Published: Tue Apr 25 2006

Healthcare consumers have always struggled with a lack of factual information when selecting a physician??"now a web site makes it simple, and without cost.

“Finding the physician that’s right for you can be a difficult and lengthy task. It is vital to have as much information as possible to allow you to make a better choice based on your needs,” explained UCompareHealthCare founder and industry veteran Mark Donnelly.

In the past healthcare consumers had to pay for this information on other web sites. Now UCompareHealthCare offers access to online reports for over 530,000 physicians throughout the United States without charge. The information enables consumers to make educated choices when selecting a physician.

“Isn’t healthcare expensive enough? This information should be widely available at no charge to consumers,” said Donnelly when asked why the reports are offered at no charge.

“You may be looking for a new primary care physician because of a change in insurance, looking for a specialist, or need to find a physician in a new area because of a move. We list as much information as possible on physicians to enable you to make an informed decision,” said Donnelly.

The service provides information on physicians including such things as gender, education, year of graduation, location, specialty, phone numbers, and if they have federal and state sanctions. The reports enable consumers to compare multiple physicians in a user friendly format.

“The physician data that we offer provides publicly available, self-reported, factual information on a majority of physicians throughout the country. You can use this information to find out what physicians are in your area. If you see a physician that is of interest you can obtain a report comparing them to others and use this information, and the check list we provide to better investigate the physicians that you may be considering,” explained Donnelly. also provides free hospital data like infection and mortality rates, volumes and cost as well as nursing home comparison reports that include data on complaints, deficiencies and services available.

“If you are moving to a new town, you check statistics on the schools, property values and crime rates. Why not also check the quality of the hospitals and the local physicians? If you take a proactive approach to your health care, you will have a much better chance of a successful outcome,” Donnelly said.

Donnelly, who has been in the health care industry for more than 30 years, founded UCompareHealthCare to help citizens become knowledgeable about their healthcare options.

“We want to help people find quality information that is easy to understand and apply to their situations. That way they can be their own best advocate,” he said.

About UCompareHealthCare:
UCompareHealthCare, founded in 2005, provides free health care quality reports for individuals. The company’s leading-edge database allows users to search critical information on more than 5,500 hospitals, 16,000 nursing homes and 535,000 U.S. physicians to make life-saving decisions. The company also provides a suite of dynamic Web-based interactive products and services for businesses, insurers, healthcare providers and hospitals to help them evaluate the quality of healthcare services available.

The company provides extensive information on the Internet at

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