Health Coach Team LLC Announces New Weight Loss Campaign: “Say YES to Life”

From: Health Coach Team
Published: Thu Sep 03 2009

“Diets don’t work,” say the owners of Health Coach Team. Their unique approach ??" The YES Program for Being Youthful, Energetic and Sexy ??" dynamically couples the power of the Law of Attraction with the proven psychological stages of change. The results are a greater ability to deal with life's issues so that women can feel healthy, vital, energized, optimistic, confident and get their sexy back! And it does it without diets.

In Say YES to Life, program participants learn easy to follow techniques and strategies to create permanent weight loss, have boundless energy all day long, regain control over their lives and have fun in the process. Their techniques and strategies combine the best information from leading personal growth experts, extensive research into successful weight loss, personal experience and client success stories.

“Diets are restrictive. You can eat this but not that. Portion sizes can have you feeling unsatisfied,” says Debbie Schroeder, one of Health Coach Team’s founders. “Face it, when you’re on a diet and your friends aren’t, a diet can be a lonely place. Should you go out to lunch with your friends? If you do, will you blow your diet? And the aftermath of a diet can be depressing. Maybe you did lose some weight, but what happened when you stopped the diet? Many women end up gaining back more than they lost.”

Health Coach Team’s “Say YES to Life” program teaches women how to create a plan for permanent weight loss so they never have to diet again and simple changes they can make in their lifestyles to achieve weight loss success without feeling the restriction of dieting.

“Setting yourself up for weight loss success doesn’t start with counting calories; it starts with knowing your desired outcome and setting your goals,” says Lynn Smith the company’s other co- founder, “There is power in clearly seeing your end result and this power has a way of pulling you forward. That picture in your mind’s eye of you in that little black dress creates an energy. Use that energy to move you forward!”

Health Coach Team offers free tele-classes to help women achieve weight loss success without dieting. The next one is scheduled for September 9, 2009. More information can be found at
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