Health-Effects.Net Merger Slashes Drug Prices

From: 5cMV Marketing and Management Systems (Vanuatu) Ltd
Published: Thu Mar 19 2009

The owners of and announced a strategic alliance agreement today effective for the next two years. The combined website group will reduce medical costs and deliver innovative and affordable health solutions to internet consumers world wide. Details of the merger include; a single management team providing administrative and personalised customer service. The joint websites have over 5000 regular customers in North America, Europe, UK, Australia and many other parts of the world.

CEO of, Simon Agius, who heads the web portfolio owned by 5CMV Ltd, explains “We have come a long way from our initial launch in 2004 and, even though it is the first time we offered common pharmaceuticals to our loyal customer base, we are certain they will appreciate the really low prices we can access through Health Effects distribution arrangements.”

CEO of stated “We have long observed the interactivity of live chat, phone links and general proficiency of the 5CMV Ltd internet model as a successful web2.0 distribution firm. Our decision to hand the management of over to 5CMV is one that we have made in confidence that our customers will appreciate the extra service levels as well as continued access to low priced generic and brand name pharmaceuticals.” built in popularity as the Number 1 authority on google for Dr. Cham’s eggplant skin cancer cream; Curaderm-BEC5. During 2008, a distribution deal with Anti-Aging Systems UK saw add other innovative technologies like “Modafinil (Alertec)” and “Can C Carnosine Eye Drops.” The group is also pioneering the marketing of Nangae (Java Almond Oil) and building on increasing market demand for skin rejuvinator Virgin Tamanu oil. The new addition of the full range of products brings the groups distribution to over 500 bio active, dermatological and pharmaceutical products.

Simon went on to say that Health-effects.Net provides an inexpensive alternative for the millions of Americans without prescription drug benefits. We provide the highest quality drugs and the lowest possible prices. If you or someone you know is without prescription drug benefits we are here to help.

Our drugs come from the world's largest drug manufacturers: Aventis, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, and Ranbaxy, to name a few. Some are American companies and many are Asian. All are high quality manufacturers, who are either certified by the US FDA or meet the World Health Organization's "Good Manufacturing Practices" standards.

Hair Loss Products
Atorvastatin Lipitor
Clopidrogel Plavix
Etanercept Enbrel
Fluticasone Salmetrol
Infliximab Remicade
Valsartan Diovan

Further website and promotional product innovations will be rolled out during the next few months by the website management team at 5CMV Ltd.

Shareholders of both companies expect greater marketing capacity and lowered costs by merging the website, sales and customer service operations. The savings will be passed on to the customer in discount prices, which, is the current consumer need given the current recession.
Company: 5cMV Marketing and Management Systems (Vanuatu) Ltd
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